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Queen Mary Internal Postgraduate Seminar - School of Mathematical Sciences

Al-Haidari often uses abstract imagery and surreal performance art to convey universal themes, ranging from the inane and mundane to the magic and binary options heather beaver of human experience. Through encounters with musicians, dancers, DJs, academics, and scientists, the film highlights and questions what it means to get lost in the music, and the human search for something more. A collaborative collage of sound and image, including original music by local and international DJs, as well as video footage, photos, and performance art, House of God aims to propel viewers, eyes wide open, into the realm of the mysterious and mind-altering.

She has been engaged in media creation for over twenty years. After attending the Dawson Institute of Photography Montrealshe worked as a commercial photographer for many years until the craving for different creative pursuits became irresistible.

Her short fiction films and documentary, Kingsabout drag-king culture in Montreal have toured festivals internationally. Inshe joined the National Film Board of Canada where she coordinated Doc Shop, a program designed to give emerging filmmakers an opportunity to learn trade skills from industry professionals and to produce a short documentary for broadcast on the CBC.

She also contributed to the creation and development of CitizenShift citizenshift. She writes about her varied media endeavours on her blog at wiredtolearn.

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Thesis: Wired to Learn Is high school education a valuable source of learning? Wired to Learn is a documentary media website, and a site-specific mixed-media installation that addresses these questions and invites the audience to partake in the conversation. While the website invites the audience to follow the production of the installation, it is also a space that is used to share stories about Ayoup's own learning experiences, disseminate audio and video interviews with educators and learners regarding their feelings about education, and aggregate Web sources binary options heather beaver offer innovative ideas and opinions about learning and instructing.

The mixed-media art installation which takes place in a high school is a means of infusing Ayoup's audio and video media with nostalgia and binary options heather beaver experiences which a two-dimensional screen cannot reproduce, in order to heighten the memories and conversational urges about one's own educational experiences.

Within the installation, learners and educators from seven schools- from the public, private, and alternative sectors within Montreal and Toronto- share their views about how their institution is, or could be, a success or a failure. They also reflect upon their own behaviours as high school participants. The media within the installation are intended to act as mirrors for the subjects and audience within a high school milieu.

Ayoup's hope is that they see and hear one another's opinions, observe their own, and bridge a communication gap that typically exists between learners and educators. Buy investments online Buckareff Esther Buckareff is an interactive documentary filmmaker living in Toronto. Raised in a family business in London, Ontario, she combines her affinity for small business with a corporate career in import buying HBC and ten years in Web development.

binary options heather beaver

Select stories are produced into short documentary films and juxtaposed with interviews by field experts. To demonstrate accountability, films are website trading into themes and linked to elected politicians who manage the corresponding government ministry.

The website will launch following the film screening. Dymond currently resides in Toronto. The goal of the installation, including the mirrored reflections, is to create a sense of self-reflexivity in the audience, and help to physically close the psychological gap in the social hierarchy. His written work has included fiction and non-fiction and has appeared online and in the literary magazine Maisonneuve.

He is currently exploring the role of fiction and authorial voice in documentary film, with a particular interest in Middle East history, theology, and memory.

Thesis: The Flood and the Mountain Interweaving fact and fiction, myth and history, travelogue and historical documentary, The Flood and the Mountain traces the journey of an unnamed narrator on a pilgrimage to Mt.

Following in the path of the late astronaut James Irwin, who led two expeditions in search of the remains of Noah's ark, the narrator inadvertently stumbles across the remains of the often catastrophic history of the surrounding territory, from the iconoclastic period of the Byzantine Empire to the Armenian Genocide of the twentieth century.

At the centre of it all lies the binary options heather beaver peak in the region, a mountain imbued with holy status but witness to the violence of countless civilizations. As the opportunities for climbing Mt. Ararat become more precarious, the distant dream of the ark is replaced by the ever-present disaster of the Armenians and the continual denial of the events in modern Turkey.

The film is both an indictment of those binary options heather beaver transpose their own order onto God and re-write history for political power, as well as a desperate first-person search for the ineffable - a portrait of an outsider lost in time. Drew Ferguson Drew Ferguson earned his undergraduate degree from the University of Toronto and completed a Masters degree in Sociology and Anthropology at the University of Guelph in Since Ferguson has been involved in several research projects concerning the beekeeping industry.

In Ferguson collaborated on the short film Bee Man. Thesis: The Last Dance? Work on the Internet with a good income project examines the unique world of honeybees and the impact of declining populations on the environment and the global food binary options heather beaver dependent on them. Honeybees offer a unique perspective for exploring the numerous ways in which humans interact with, understand, and manage nature.

Beekeeping therefore binary options heather beaver a basis for exploring broader social and environmental issues through elaboration on the function of apiculture and the increasingly complex social and environmental constraints beekeepers face. In the gallery, an observation hive allows viewers to safely witness honeybee colony structure and organization.

She has worked collaboratively on projects ranging from experimental shorts to interpretive museum videos that have been shown in a variety of venues including Bravo!

binary options heather beaver

Her work addresses questions surrounding the inherent tension between memory and history, exploring the poetic and experimental elements that become crucial points of reference for contemporary documentary form. She lives in Toronto. After his release from prison as a young man—a result of anti-government demonstration—he became involved in the anarchist organization CNT Confederacion Nacional del Trabajo as a union leader and military commissary fighting for the Republicans.

Barbara Greczny Barbara Greczny was born in Uranium City, Saskatchewan, which today is one of the largest modern ghost towns in Canada.

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She moved to Toronto with her mother when she five years old and has never left. At graduation she won the William F.

I'm also a member of...

White prize for film or video and the Ross Fletcher film award. The project explores the process of memory in relation to dementia as well binary options heather beaver the complexities of the mother-daughter relationship.

The use of the actual wall unit that belonged to her mother is the focal point of the installation. With the wall unit binary options heather beaver off-centre, in a large empty gallery space, the physical viewing environment has the sensation of a strange remoteness surrounding its core, much like the feelings of loneliness dementia patients experience.

The wall unit is metaphorically the keeper of memories and the witness to her mother's demise. The use of the actual object and not a replica brings another layer of meaning into the installation, representing Greczny's personal experience with her mother's illness and denial of her condition. By incorporating other people's experiences with dementia through video and audio interviews displayed on monitors nestled in the wall unit and on its shelves, the problems associated with the disease are more broadly explored.

Binary options heather beaver wall unit, designed to hold various small objects and mementos, becomes a symbol of the fragility of memory and the fractured or fragmented memory of a person who has dementia.

Born in the former Soviet Union inshe emigrated to Germany at the age of After finishing high school she chose to turn her passion for story-telling into a career and earned a double degree in Media Production from Hochschule Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences in Germany and in Media Communications from Cork Institute of Technology in Ireland.

She currently lives in Germany and Canada. In the summer ofafter her grandfather passed away prompting her father to begin a family tradition, he sat down and wrote a memoir of his father. The film captures the challenges of collecting material, selecting memories, and struggling to find the courage to be honest. Dafydd Hughes Dafydd Hughes is a musician, artist, programmer, and educator based in Toronto. His work, both musical and visual, playfully explores the often-unpredictable intersection of analog and digital experiences of the world.

Dafydd is a member of faculty at Sheridan College. Thesis: Every Face in The Americans: Faces from photographs by Robert Frank, selected by iPhoto As the amount of information we contend with multiplies daily, we rely increasingly on technology to help us keep up.

In reverse investment in options faces or in some cases, what it thinks are facesiPhoto intervenes in our reading process, assuming some of the responsibilities we traditionally assume ourselves.

Despite their separation from their contexts, the images retain a connection to the photographs from which they are drawn. They invite us to higher lower on options through them to the original work, focusing on the periphery, considering what has been left out, and reconsidering the processes of selection, framing, sequencing, and seeing. Scott Humphries Scott Humphries is a Toronto-based sound recordist, educator, documentary director, and future farmer.

During his time abroad, he produced and directed AyrSpace, a student-run Web television station that was the first of its kind in the United Kingdom. His current documentary work looks at contemporary rural issues in Canada, with a focus on farm succession and rural homelessness. Thesis: Humphries Road Humphries Road is a personal journey that examines contemporary agricultural practices in Eastern Ontario and the future of small-scale farming in that region.

Through conversations with former binary options heather beaver youth from Humphries Road, the film explores their opinions around land development, local organic farming, and the potential of succeeding their family farms. Paula John Paula John is a multi-disciplinary artist and scholar based in Toronto. She has been exhibiting her work including photography, film, painting, printmaking, textiles, installation, and performance since Some of the themes explored in her previous work include, gender, sexuality, feminism, and performance.

Thesis: Out of the Darkness Out of the Darkness is a collection of autobiographical projects exploring the experience of mental illness. Through the production of several projects John had the opportunity to examine and come to terms with the breakdown she suffered at age 15 and her subsequent diagnosis with severe clinical depression.

binary options heather beaver

Themes such as lost memory, stigma, catharsis, destruction, and family relationships are investigated from a feminist perspective. The culmination of these projects is a mixed-media gallery installation. Out of the Darkness makes a strong case for the healing potential of making art.

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In its open exploration of mental illness, this project allowed John to reclaim a sense of agency and dignity countering the continued social stigma associated with mental illness. Ben Lenzner Ben Lenzner is a photographer, filmmaker, storyteller, and educator.

binary options heather beaver

Born and raised in New York City, he taught for many years at the International Center of Photography and worked as an artist in residence within the New York City public school system.

He is equally at home bicycling through the island of Manhattan or roaming the bustling streets of New Delhi. His work strives to share stories about the diversity of our world, while offering inspiring visions of the imaginative reality of the lives we live.

He is based in Toronto and New York. Spanning six decades and five countries, while fusing 8 mm, VHS and digital video, This is Just Batting Practice explores moments of memory found in home movies.

Heather Dubreuil: Gender and the Beaver Hall Group

Integrating interviews, found footage, and recorded sounds, while straddling the past, present and future, This is Just Batting Practice drifts through time, rushing fast from the source of the river, navigating tributaries, and finally meandering to the sea, through wide and fertile delta soil.

He graduated with a BA in journalism from the Brazilian Lutheran University and has worked as a reporter and photojournalist covering sports, political events, and crime for major Brazilian newspapers.

His first foray into documentary work was while he was living in Southeast Asia where he produced a story on Burmese refugees living in Malaysia. As a documentary artist his work is marked by a preoccupation with the lives of those who choose to live in a new country, leaving everything behind.

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His experiences living overseas in Asia and Europe have cultivated his interest in issues related to migration.

Thesis: Next-door Neighbour Next-door Neighbour examines the reasons that brought seven immigrants to Binary options heather beaver and their impressions about the country they now call home.

Ars Electronica 2017 - Symposium I - Reality and Expectations (EN)

Every year approximatelynewcomers arrive in Canada. Between andCanada received 1, new immigrants. But what did they think when they first arrived? How difficult was it to start over again? Did they have second thoughts?

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As an immigrant himself, Lima conceived Next-door Neighbour as a personal exploration, to understand more about this country and to find parallels between his experience and that of his subjects. The exhibition presents photographs with accompanying voice recordings conveying the identities of the subjects, their stories, and the emotional aspects of their life in Canada.

Both mediums present the viewer with different perspectives about that new life.

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