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Abstract Background: The vaginal microbiome harbors diverse communities of microorganisms, known as vaginal flora which has an important impact on women s health as well as that of their newborns Bacteria that colonize the vaginal microbiota of women play an important role in health and homostasis that exist in a dynamic balance and establishing with each other and with the host.

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In healthy reproductive- aged women, the vaginal microbiome ,generally shows a predominance of Lactobacillus genus,and most women display the prevalence of one species among L. Lactobacilli promote the maintenance of the vaginal homoestasis and prevent the colonization and growth of adverse microorganisms,especialy pathogens.

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Methodology: high vaginal swabs were collected from specimen from women suffering from vaginitis and 50 specimen from healthy women. Biofiilms formation were assayed by TCP.

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Results: Results revealed that a total specimens, 90 were gave positive cultured with single bacterial growth on UTI chromogenic agar as following: Escherichia. Out of specimens also cultured on MRS agar ,30 specimens were gave positive culture with pure bacterial isolates of Lactobacillus spp.

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It has been found that all Lactobacillus isolated from healthy women specimens resistant for chloromphincol and amikiacin. Also 20 Lactobacillus isolates were selected to study the ability of them to produce biofilm formation.

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Conclusion: Most vaginal infections are treated by antibiotics but frequent recurrences and chronic infections are common due to the adverse effect on the indigenous lactobacilli. Probiotics have the potential to optimizemaintain and restore the microflora of the vaginal ecosystem hence the alternative approach to reducing vaginal infections and promoting consumer health by using biotherapoeutic with pre- and probiotic.

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The types of antibiotics used to treat vaginitis must not to kill the beneficial bacteria lactobacilli that help in preservation of vaginal health and ecosystem as being one of probiotic bacteria. Antibiotic susceptibility and biofilm formation of Lactobacilli spp.

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Eurasia Olga volkova second binary options reviews Biosci.

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