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Mortgage Library : Types of Mortgage Loans : Option ARM This loan program is an adjustable rate mortgage with added flexibility of making one of several possible payments on your mortgage every month, in order to better manage your monthly cash flow.

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It's low introductory start rate allows you to make very low initial mortgage payments and low qualifying rates enable you to qualify for more home. The minimum payment option can help keep your monthly payments affordable. If the minimum monthly payment is not sufficient to pay the monthly interest due, you can always avoid minimum option payments interest by choosing the interest-only payment option.

With the Option ARM, you generally have at least two fully amortized payment choices, leading to a quicker loan payoff. If you prefer to pay off your loan on schedule, you can make the fully amortized payment based on a year loanor you can choose the year payment option for the fastest equity build-up.

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In most cases, you can also make additional principal payments which reduce the amount you need to pay in later months. Option ARM loan programs are right for you if you'd like to own your property only for a short time, and prefer affordability and flexibility in your monthly payment.

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However, if you select the minimum payment option in the early years, you should be prepared for a possible sudden increase often referred to as payment shock in your monthly payments thereafter. Option ARM loans have four major types of payment options: Minimum Payment With the minimum how and where to earn bitcoin option, your monthly payment is set for 12 months at your initial interest rate.

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After that, the payment changes annually, and a payment cap limits how much it can increase or decrease each year. If you make the minimum payment after the end of your initial interest rate periodwhich usually holds only for the first 1 to 3 months, it may not be enough to pay all minimum option payments the interest charged on your loan for the previous month and the unpaid interest will be added to the principal balance you owe will be deferred.

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  • It is the least amount a borrower can pay on the payment option ARM loan while still satisfying the terms of the loan agreement.

Interest-Only Payment With the interest-only payment option, you can avoid deferred interest, when the minimum payment is not enough to pay the monthly interest due. The interest-only payment option, however, is not available if the interest-only payment would be less than the minimum payment.

Please note, that this payment option does not result in your principal reduction. The interest-only payment may change every month based on changes in the ARM index used to determine your fully indexed rate. Fully Amortizing Year Payment With fully amortizing payments, you pay both principal and interest and keep your loan on schedule.

Payment Option ARM Minimum Payment

Your payment is calculated each month based on the prior month's fully indexed rateloan balance and remaining loan term. Fully Amortizing Year Payment If you prefer to put your loan on an accelerated schedule and can afford higher monthly payments, the year payment option allows you to repay your loan twice as faster and save more than half the total interest costs of a year loan.

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Please note, that this payment option is offered only on the year or year term. It will cease to be an option when the loan has been paid to its 16th year.

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These options should be clearly minimum option payments on your loan statement, so it is very easy to figure out how much you should pay each month. Just enter the correct amount in the payment coupon section of your statement. If you are thinking about applying for an option ARMit is important to shop carefully and investigate several loan products, to find the one best for you.

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Option ARM loan programs may vary in the initial ratenegative amortization and lifetime capsARM indexor optional featureshowever, when comparing one option ARM with another, pay close attention to the margin and the fully indexed rate. Keep in mind that the initial interest rate holds only for the 1st month.

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What features to compare with different Option ARM loans? It may vary from 1. With hybrid option ARMsthat use a different minimum payment calculation methodyour initial rate is usually higher.

Examples: With 1-month option ARMs that have a 1-month introductory period, the first interest rate change occurs when the 1st monthly payment is due.

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Thereafter, the interest rate may change monthly. If you have a proven auto earnings option ARM loan with a 3-month introductory period, the first interest rate change occurs when the 3rd monthly payment is due.

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Subsequent interest rate changes may occur each month thereafter. During the introductory period:.

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