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February 13, by Bret Kenwell In our first Adjusting discussion, we talked about adding legs to an existing options position.

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Unlike stock trading, options traders have an arsenal of maneuvers they can perform mid-trade. In stock trading, we can buy, sell or do nothing.

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Aside from adding or subtracting an options leg though, another option is to roll the trade. We can do this with either a winning or a losing position. Because options have a finite lifespan, rolling is a way for options traders to extend the timeline of their trade, so to say.

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Why would we want to do that? In both cases — a winning or a losing trade — the prospects of the trade may still stand as an attractive endeavor.

  • Sometimes, however, your position might need some fine-tuning in order to achieve its maximum potential.
  • All these ideas were running through my head: Should I just close out the position Let the trade ride Make an adjustment to the trade structure Making the wrong decision could mean the difference between saving the trade or making it even worse.
  • In this latter case, there are strategies that traders can utilize in order to defend or redeploy capital.
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  • But another alternative could be rolling your options position.
  • An options roll up refers to closing an existing options position while opening a new position in the same option at a higher strike price.
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However, we believe that ABC will continue to move higher, so we decide to roll the position. This is where it gets tricky. Not only do we have the option to roll the trade, but we have options on how to roll it.

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As you may have guessed, rolling up and out is a combination of buying a higher strike spread and moving out in expiration. When a trader rolls down, they are lowering the strike price involved. Say they are short upside calls and the stock price drops.

Write and Roll Options

If we were to believe the trend would continue in our favor, rolling up and out would make sense. Say shares of XYZ are deeply oversold.

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The valuation is wildly low and the technicals are screaming for a bounce. Expiration is in 32 days. However, after 30 days go by, XYZ has not bounced the way we thought it would.

Options Roll Up

The fundamentals are still good and the technicals remain oversold. In other words, our thesis has not changed and we are still comfortable owning the underlying security.

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However, we would prefer not to if possible, as our preference is to collect the premium from the how to roll options put sale.

What options do we have left? We could sell the position for a loss or hold out until expiration hoping for quick urgent earnings in the internet bounce.

However, we could also roll the position.

Why Traders Roll Positions | Know Your Options

However, should XYZ post even a meager bounce by the next expiration, our position could easily be how to roll options the green. This would allow us to keep all of the premium and letting us wash our hands of the previous trade.

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Sometimes options trading works out exactly as we drew it up. Other times, we have to roll with the punches. Read More.


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