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The Dolphins lead the league in one category: dead money, or cap space devoted to players that have been cut or traded. For online earnings 200 teams this would be a disaster. Stephen Ross has other things on his mindso general manager Chris Grier can trade everyone not named Xavien Howard.

San Francisco 49ers The 49ers are the antithesis of the Dolphins. While the Dolphins are the cheapest NFL team beginning a long rebuild, the 49ers are the most expensive and just completed one.

It shows.

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The 49ers pressure quarterbacks hurries, knockdowns, and sacks on just under a third of dropbacks, the highest in the league. Their ability to generate pressure with a four-man rush is one of the biggest reasons the team is undefeated, and it excels because the 49ers have five former first-round picks in their line.

The team drafted four of them Nick Bosa no. Last year the 49ers had two interceptions, the fewest in NFL history. GM John Lynch decided to double down on their pass rush instead of adding to the secondary. The moves have worked.

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The 49ers already have 10 interceptions, tied for the second most in football. Dallas famously drafted a great offensive line, but less well-known is how much the team has paid to keep them around. All three are still among if not the best at their position when healthy. The Cowboys have gone beyond having an elite offensive line. Now they have an elite offense. They have the no. They are no. The Chiefs have spent the third-most money in the league on receivers and tight ends combined.

The spending translates to the other side of the ball. The Chiefs spend almost half of what the Vikings, their opponent this week, spend on defense. The Chiefs are in the bottom quarter of the league in yards allowed per drive but in the top quarter of points per drive and yards per drive.

New England Patriots The Patriots defense has sucked the souls from their opponents this season. New England has 19 interceptions already, by far the most in the league and the second-most thus far in the 21st century. Their point-differential through eight games isrepresentative of a They also have three of the highest-graded safeties in Devin McCourty no. Cornerback Gilmore is the fourth-highest paid player on the team and one of the only significant long-term contracts the Bill Belichick Patriots have signed in free agency.

Minnesota Vikings Kirk Cousins has the second-biggest cap hit this year, and, after a bumpy start, he has been … worth it?

The Dolphins had the lowest payroll in the NFL inand their season was a reflection of their frugality. Jones will reportedly take the title of highest-paid cornerback from … his new teammate Xavien Howard. The Dolphins will be paying a lot for that combination, but cornerback is a premium position worth the investment.

Here are the top passers in the NFL this year by yards per attempt when touchdowns, interceptions, and sacks are accounted for adjusted net yards per attempt : Patrick Mahomes 9. The same four players top the passer rating leaderboard.

Cousins has the highest completion percentage above expectation for players with more than three starts, just ahead make money on the Internet without investments dopfinans Wilson and Prescott. Cousins has, by any metric, been as good as almost anyone for the last month. Not Getting What They Paid For Atlanta Falcons The Falcons are not the worst team in football, but no team has as wide of a gap between who they are and who they thought they would be entering this season.

Super Bowl LIV: How Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross will profit

In terms of pure cash spent on players this year which is different than the salary capthe Falcons handed out more than a quarter of a billion dollars inthe most in the league.

So far it has netted them one more win than the Dolphins, who have handed out the least in the league. Atlanta has allowed the most points, the second-most points per game behind only the Dolphinsand the third-most first downs Despite spending the seventh-most money on their secondary, they have the lowest team pass coverage grade on PFF.

They are also tied for the fewest interceptions in the league twohave allowed make money on the Internet without investments dopfinans second-most passing touchdowns 19the second-highest opposing passer rating The Falcons spend the 11th-most money on their front-seven defenders but have the worst pass rush in the league.

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Atlanta has seven sacks in eight games, a mark matched or beaten by 10 players this season. Their two most expensive defenders in are cornerback Desmond Trufant, who is the 66th-highest-graded cornerback on PFF, and outside linebacker Vic Beasley, who is the 93rd-highest-graded edge defender out of qualifying players. Beasley has 1. Instead it clogged their cap the way the Falcons wish Beasley could clog gaps.

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Their future is bleaker than their present. Atlanta currently has the second-least cap space for next season, with less than a million dollars available.

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Gurley, whose knee issues have become an undeniable problem, is averaging 3. Last year the Rams were the highest-graded run blocking team and the seventh-highest-graded pass blocking team.

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This year the Rams are the 26th-highest-graded run blocking team and the 28th-graded pass blocking team. Of the 51 guards who have taken or more snaps this season, L.

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On the other side of the line, Rob Havenstein has the fourth-biggest cap hit of any right tackle, but he has allowed the fourth-most quarterback pressures of any tackle this season Of the 45 tackles who have played or more snaps this season, Havenstein is ranked 43rd by PFF. New York Giants Half the point of having a rookie quarterback is the cap savings that come with it. Yet the Giants are spending the third-most money on quarterbacks this season, more than the Packers, Seahawks, and Saints.

Janoris Jenkins, the fourth-biggest cap hit at cornerback, is the 58th-highest graded corner this season. Chicago Bears If you add up how much each team spends on quarterbacks, running backs, and tight ends, the top three teams are all in the NFC North. The Packers and Vikings at no. The Bears at no. Burton, the guy who threw the Philly Special pass, has 14 catches for 84 receiving yards in six games this year.

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Chicago is the 21st-most-efficient passing offense per Football Outsiders and the 28th-most-efficient passing offense by adjusted net yards per attempt, which tallies yards per pass accounting for touchdowns, interceptions, and sacks. The only other teams under 5. Sign up for the The Ringer Newsletter Email required By signing up, you agree to our Privacy Notice and European users agree to the data transfer policy.

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