How to transfer tokens to a wallet

As you may have noticed, Tokensets provides different methods by which you can either create a wallet or connect your own.

Why Bitcoin Paper Wallets Are BAD

In either case, because you own the ERC20 token representing the Set, you have the option of transferring it to any wallet you own after purchasing it. Steps To Sending A Set 1.

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Go to Tokensets and log into your account. For purposes of this walk through, we will be using the email login method. Make sure you are logging in with the same email or wallet that you used to purchase the Set.

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This is a common point of confusion! If you use a different wallet, the Set ERC20 token will not show.

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For the purposes of this tutorial, we will be clicking on Send. Test Transaction 6. Make sure that the address you are sending tokens to is an account that you own! As a general security precaution, we want to make sure our addresses are correct and nothing funky is happening.

In addition, your funds will be protected on a deeper level in secure cold-storage.

Sometimes the transaction takes longer than expected and you may have this window pop up. Mostly, it just takes a little extra time to resolve.

How to transfer tokens Step by step instructions how to transfer tokens by using features provided by Etherscan and BlockScout The instructions below use the Etherscan UI and the Blockscout UI to demonstrate the token transfer process. For tokens compatible with ERC and ERC token standards the steps may be simplified - see the separate section below.

Real Transaction Ready the transaction like we did last time. For this guide, we will walk through how to add tracking on Metamask, but other wallets should, more or less, be the same.

Sending Your Set Token To Another Wallet

We will go through the lengthier process with Metamask since it is more generalizable, the quicker one is here.

Hit the triple dash nav bar icon on the top left of your Metamask account. That will take you back to the Etherscan page displaying your transaction from before.

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For decimals of precision, put All Sets use 18 decimals places. Hit confirm on the next page, and you have now successfully transferred and added your token! Did this answer your question?

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