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The system conceptually consists of a compiler and link editor. The files referenced by operands are compiled and linked to produce an executable file.

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It is unspecified whether the linking occurs entirely within the operation of fort77; some implementations may produce objects that are not fully resolved until the file is executed. If the -c option is present, for all pathname operands of the form file. If the -c option is not specified, it is unspecified whether such.

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If there are no options that prevent link editing such as -c and all operands compile and link without error, the resulting executable file shall be written into the file named by the -o option if present or to the file a. The order of specifying the multiple -L options is significant. Conforming applications shall specify each option separately; that is, grouping option letters for example, -cg need not be forts option execution by all implementations.

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The following options shall be supported: -c Suppress the link-edit phase of the compilation, and do not remove any object files that are produced. If both -g and -s options are present, the action taken is unspecified. If the -o option is present with -c, the result is unspecified.

This option does not affect the writing of NetCDF hotstart files, which are always written for the full domain. This option does not affect the writing of NetCDF hotstart file, which are always written for the full domain. This option does not affect the reading of NetCDF hotstart files, which always reflect the fulldomain solution.

Directories named in -L options shall be searched in the specified order. At least ten instances of this option shall be supported in a single fort77 command invocation. If a directory specified by a -L option contains a file named libf.

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If the optlevel option-argument is the digit '0', all special code optimizations shall be disabled. If it is the digit '1', the nature of the optimization is unspecified.

If the -O option is omitted, the nature of the system's default optimization is unspecified. It is unspecified whether code generated in the presence of the -O 0 option is the same as that generated when -O is omitted.

Other optlevel values may be supported. At least one operand of the pathname form shall be forts option execution.

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The following operands shall be supported: file. The filename operand shall be of this form if the -c option is used.

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Implementations may recognize implementation-defined suffixes other than. The processing of other files is implementation-defined.

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Search the library named: liblibrary. Implementations may supply additional utilities that produce files in these formats.

The option MathWorks recommends that you create engine applications and update existing applications to use the interleaved complex API. If you have multiple compilers for a given language, use the lang option to change the default compiler for that language. The output displays information specific to your compiler.

Additional input files are implementation-defined.

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