How to trade options without losses

how to trade options without losses

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Here are four option strategies you could use to fix your losing trades. What can you do? Cooler heads prevail.

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  • Bullish strategies[ edit ] Bullish options strategies are employed when the options trader expects the underlying stock price to move upwards.
  • A long time ago, I did something really dumb with my options trading, and I lost a significant amount of money because of it.

When is losing too much, well, too much? Many traders follow a quick rule of thumb: cut your losses if the trade loses half or more of its original risk.

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But that may not be a good fit for all strategies. The loss is real, and any sort of fix is really a new trade. So choose your strike price carefully. For illustrative purposes only.

Long Call or Long Put

Or, you can choose to sell another call to move your breakeven price even lower. One: nothing.

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  • Options allow for potential profit during both volatile times, and when the market is quiet or less volatile.
  • When getting started with options, it is advantageous to work with strategies that allow you to be confident that you know how to open, manage, and close your positions.

Depending on the days left until expiration, and how high the stock goes, you might be able to buy back the option to close it at a lower price than where you sold it. That would be a win-win.

Long Stock

Or you might decide to ride the position out until expiration and see where the chips fall. Long Call or Long Put The situation: Long calls and long puts can be successful when the underlying stock is moving in the right direction.

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But what if the stock takes a break, or even starts to move against you? This turns your long option into a long vertical spread. The result: A few good things can happen.

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First, your total dollar risk is reduced. How to trade options without losses, your trade might still profit if the stock once again moves in the desired direction. The short put is a bullish trade.

But selling a call spread is a bearish trade. The fix: If you think selling the call spread is a good idea because you believe the stock is going to keep moving lower, you might want to close your original trade.

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But if you think the move lower is short term, then selling a short-term call vertical may be a good fix. The premium you collect from the call spread is added to the premium you collected from the put.

The fix: First, consider turning your position into an iron condor.

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  5. By John Summa Updated Jul 10, Successful options trading is not about being correct most the time, but about being a good repair mechanic.
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The new position—the iron condor—wants the stock to settle in between the short strikes of both vertical spreads. The result: Again, the premium you collect adds to your overall position credit.

In options, no matters what is the trend, most buyers always lose their money to the market.

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