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TradeRush What are 60 seconds trading? The general rule of options trading 60 seconds practical application thumb is that if you believe after 60 seconds the price of an asset will increase then you will go with the call option.

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If you feel that the price of the asset will decrease after 60 seconds, then you will go with the put option. Step by Step guide to 60 seconds trading Follow the three basic steps below if you want to be a success in 60 seconds trading. Step 1 You have first to find an asset that is doing well.

For example, if the asset trades above the middle of the chart this means that popularity of Put is more than the Call option. If the asset trades below the middle of the chart, this means that the popularity of Call option is more than the put option.

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You too can own some bitcoin by Mining It? Click the banner below to get started now. You will set the expiry time to 60 seconds when you trade. Both the indicatorsthe chart and the popularity bar have to agree for 60 seconds trading strategy to be a success.

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Practical example Now let us understand the 60 seconds trading with the help of a real example. Thus, the 60 seconds strategy will not be a success here.

Now look at another example. Now if you look at the chart, the asset is doing well below the middle of the chart.

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Possible outcomes with the 60 seconds trading There are three possibilities when you are trading with the 60 seconds trading strategy. If the trade expires in the money after 60 seconds, then this is an ideal scenario for the trader because this will help earn a profit. This means that the asset reached the predicted increase in the price.

Another possibility options trading 60 seconds practical application that the trade expires out of the money.

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Well, this is less likely if you have the relevant knowledge about the market. This means that the asset price prediction was not correct on the part of the trader. There is a third case as well. This situation is known as at the money. This means that the asset expired at the same price with which it started.

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Benefits of 60 seconds trading You must be quite keen by now to know the benefits of 60 seconds trading so here are the details. There is no limit to trading. You can make as many trades as you want. This will help you to cash on all the short-term opportunities. The best part is the quick returns that will be coming your way.

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You will not have to wait for a long time. You can earn the profit and re-invest the profit again.

Mark the strong signals and weak signals. Once that is done you can take an average of the number of bars needed. Both for the strong and for the weak signals to move into the money. If you are using a chart of hourly prices and your signal takes an average of 3.

Using the 60 seconds trading strategy is so simple. Simply select your asset, choose call or put and set the expiry to 60 seconds. Trading cannot get easier than this.

60 Seconds Trading – the Smart Way to Make Quick Profits

You have the opportunity to trade with multiple assets at the same time. The strategy towards second trading Now before placing the trades the most important step is to select a reputed broker.

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There are many credible and regulated brokers available. You have to choose the broker. Try their demo account. You can try out the 60 seconds trading strategy with the demo account first, and if you are contented, then you can switch to the live trading account.

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A credible broker will offer you loads of assistance in the form of educational material, signals and webinars so avail this help. This way you will be able to execute the second trades in a better way. Essential tips for 60 seconds trading The following tips can be quite helpful when you are making 60 seconds trades.

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It is very important to trade with those assets for which you have a fair amount of knowledge. This way trading will become less complex, and there are little chances that you will end up with losses when trading using the 60 seconds trading strategy.

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Most platforms offer a list of popular assets to trade with. You can try out these assets. What the popular assets show is that those assets are currently doing well in the market so it would be a smart idea to go with those assets.

You should try to place multiple trades a day. This is the biggest incentive of 60 seconds trading because you get quick results, so you know how your trades have been doing. Initially, it is always better to use 60 seconds with those trading platforms that offer rebates.

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When you get out of the money refunds, the risk factor reduces significantly. Best Brokers for 60 seconds trading Now before we move on to the list of brokers that are perfect for 60 seconds trading let us look at the criteria to evaluate the efficiency of the broker. The broker should be having a great reputation in the trading community.

The return rates should be good enough. Now the new traders often need the assistance of the customer support when trading binary option so the trading platform should offer adequate customer support.

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Make sure that your broker allows timely withdrawal as it is the most important factor when you are trading binary options. The broker should offer a great trading asset selection so that you learn and earn well at the same time.

The following brokers are ideal if you are into 60 seconds trading.

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