Opening a demo account on the terminal

opening a demo account on the terminal

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Fill up the needed data. To activate the "Next" button and continue registration, it is necessary to flag "I agree to subscribe to your newsletters".

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A server must be chosen to connect to. Addresses of available servers, their names and ping are listed there.

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The most preferable is the server having the lowest ping. After the registration has successfully completed, a window will appear that contains information about the open account: "Login" — the account number, "Password" — the password for access, "Investor" — the investor's password connection mode in which it is possible to check the account status, analyze the price dynamics, etc.

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After registration has been completed, the new account will appear in the "Navigator — Accounts" window, and it is ready to work with. At that, the server sends a message to the terminal containing login and passwords of this newly opened account.

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This message can be found in the "Terminal — Mailbox" window. Besides, after the account has been successfully registered, it will be authorized automatically.

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They possess all the same functionality as the real ones. The distinction consists in that demo accounts can be opened without any investments, though one cannot count on any profit from them.

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