How to make money fighting without rules

how to make money fighting without rules

A muzzle without rules And according to the law?! Organize fights I am quite normal about this sport or not a sport. These are not gladiator slaves, they voluntarily decided to do this. Yes, they are all there for the sake of money and earnings create a show for us. Everyone "goes crazy in his own way" and it is not for me to teach him as it should. Professional fights for athletes is a chance to earn good money on what they love.

Here's what they talk about what they do Vasily Kurochkin 22 When my mother gave me karate as a child, I was not serious about sports and skipped training. The section was attended by guys without fathers, and in the hall we received male education.

how to make money fighting without rules

The coach talked to us like with adults and talked a lot about how life works. My professional career started at 18 when I started participating in tournaments for money. Now I have 11 official fights, including two defeats.

A muzzle without rules And according to the law?! How to legally organize fights without rules Organization of fights without rules. How to legally organize fights without rules Fights without rules. We've all heard a lot about them, but what do we know, except that the men there beat each other's muzzles?

The hardest part is to lose weight before a fight. Normally, I weigh 92 kilograms, but the day before the competition I should be If I don't reach this weight, I'll get a fine. To achieve these figures in a month and a half, I go on a diet.

In recent days, I should receive about calories: I eat three egg whites with skim milk, for lunch, grams of barley and chicken, vegetables, a glass of skim milk, skim cottage cheese for dinner.

When I lived with my mother, it was hard, I had to leave for the whole day and return at night so as not to pay attention to the full refrigerator. Now it is easier for me - I live with a girl, and she keeps a diet with me.

A week before the weigh-in, I start drinking. On the first day, I drink eight liters of water to train the body to remove fluid. I take a 0.

how to make money fighting without rules

There are 12 shakers per day. In order not to get lost, I photograph them with my phone. I drive the last kilograms in the bath. Usually it takes me two hours to get rid of a couple of pounds. Some of the guys sit in the bath all day in plastic pants and a jacket and sometimes faint. On the day of weigh-in, you won't recognize me.

History of fighting without rules

Then I have a day to recover: I lie under a dropper, slowly drink water and start eating again. When i walked in professional sportsI knew what it would be, although I didn't think how hard it was. But this is my job, I like it, and I have to endure some difficult moments. The professional level of a fighter is distinguished by how he can lose weight and how to quickly recover afterwards and psychologically tune in to the fight. The euphoria of victory lasts a day or two.

1. How to get to a similar tournament

If you start starring and skipping workouts, the coach will quickly siege. It is better not to think about defeat and go into the cage with the attitude of victory. I never ask God for victories, but only for strength. We have a concept of treshstok - this is when fighters bully each other before a how to make money fighting without rules. I used to love doing shows, shouting something, pushing my opponent's forehead or arms and pushing.

The audience loves that. Blood and aggression add drive to combat. Recently I have become calmer - I go out and do my job. But if they bully me, I will not be silent. I remember he once said that if Jesus could enter the ring, he would have called him and won. Egor Golubtsov,29 years My parents did not want to take me to a karate section on the other side of the city, but when the club opened right at the school, they had no choice.

My favorite movie is Mortal Kombat.

Boxing betting

I recorded it on videotape and watched it every day. Recently it was shown again, and now I understand that there is some kind of circus - unrealistic techniques.

how to make money fighting without rules

When the section at the how to make money fighting without rules closed, the guys and I did our own work out of inertia: we went to the simulator, practiced blows in a clearing in the forest, because it was uncomfortable in the yard - everyone was watching. But there was no coach, and the sport came to naught. I started making friends with girls, preparing for exams.

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Then student life began, and until the third year I did not return to fighting. But after a five-year break, I began to work hard, and since then I have not quit fighting.

For five years I worked in the afternoon as an engineer at a factory, and in the evening I went to trainings, opened my own section. The first time I went to a professional fight was in My debut lasted ten seconds: I went out and immediately got it in my head. Then he played in small MMA tournaments, where there was no cage or ring. Since I worked in parallel, my rating was not very good, victories and defeats were about the same.

I could no longer sit at the factory for eight hours and die of boredom, I wanted to do what I loved.

Rules and regulations

And a year and a half ago I finally quit my job, signed a permanent contract and moved to play only sports. Apparently, I belong to the type of people who need to constantly experience stress and get adrenaline.

Losing weight is a lottery, you can lose weight or you may not. You become angry, you don't smile, you don't react to jokes. At home you freak out over little things. Maximum I drove 12 kilograms. Before weighing, he did not sleep, lay in a semi-faint state. Last time it seemed to me that there was a plate on me, I wanted to send everything.

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Then you convince yourself to wait a little, otherwise the fight will be canceled or points will be added to the opponent. There is a saying: whoever did not drive weight, does not know the taste of water.

Each sport has its own characteristics, which should be taken into account when making bets in bookmakers.

After weighing, you can drive into yourself a polka dots, but you still feel like a piece of shit, because the water will begin to act only in a day. To make your recovery faster, you go under a drip with minerals and amino acids. After that, you already turn pink and stop looking like a drug addict with sunken eyes.

’Fight without rules’, Russia’s violent pastime

Weighing is needed to gain a competitive advantage. Someone copes with it, someone does not. The bigger you are, the easier it will be for you in battle. Now in the category of 77 kilograms there are guys who weigh a hundred.

How to bet on boxing?

And the audience does not even notice that a big dude comes into the cage, who obviously weighs more than Because of the adrenaline during the fight, I feel the pain differently. If in training during a painful hold I immediately knock to stop the fight, then in a real fight I endure.

Once I won, and when my opponent gave me a submission, I already wanted to knock on the floor.

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  • A muzzle without rules

But in my head flashed: "50 thousand for the victory, 50 thousand for the victory. In the end, he just wasted his strength, and I twisted and won. After the fight, I check in with the opponents and ask how their health is. During the fight, I do not feel sorry for anyone, and then I sympathize if a person is injured. I was losing by knockout and strangulation.

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