How to add a trend line to a histogram

How to Add a TrendLine in Excel Charts (Step-by-Step Guide)

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Power Moving Average Here is a good article that explains what these trend lines are and when to use these. To select any of these other variations. It will show you all the trendlines that you can use in Excel.

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Apart from linear trendline, another useful option is a moving average trendline. This is often used to show the trend by considering an average of the specified number of periods. For example, if you do a 3-part moving averageit will show you the trend based on the past three periods.

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This is useful as it shows the trend better by smoothening any fluctuations. Below is an example where even though there was a dip in the value, the trend remained steady as it was smoothened by the other two period values.

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  • The resulting graph must look something like this: Step 2: Mark the Midpoints of Each Bar in the Histogram on Your Chart Before you proceed to sketch or insert a curved line graph on this chart, you must mark the midpoints of each bar in the frequency distribution like this: These mid points can be drawn manually if you are displaying your information on a hard copy chart.
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Formatting the TrendLine There are many formatting options available to you when it comes to trendlines. Through this pane, you can make the following changes: Change the color or width of the trendline.

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This can help when you want it to stand out by using a different color. Change the trendline type linear, logarithmic, exponential, etc. Adding a forecast period.

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Setting an intercept start the trendline from 0 or from a specific number. In the options, you can change the color option and the width value.

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At the same time, you can lighten the color of the data bars or lines to make the importance of trendline more clear. Adding Forecast Period to the Trendline You can extend the trendline to a couple of periods to show how it would be if the past trend continues.

Setting an Intercept for the Trendline You can specify where you want the trendline to intercept with the vertical axis.

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For example, in the below chart, the intercept will be somewhere a little above the 5, value shown with a solid red line — which I have drawn manually and is not exact. Hope you find this tutorial useful.

Looking for Office steps? Select Trendline. In the Add Trendline dialog box, select any data series options you want, and click OK. Format a trendline Click anywhere in the chart. On the Format tab, in the Current Selection group, select the trendline option in the dropdown list.

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