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Investing intimidates a lot of people. There are a lot of options, and it can be hard to figure out which investments are right for your portfolio.

10 Types of Investments (and How They Work)

This guide walks you through 10 of the most common types of investment and explains why you may want to consider including them in your portfolio. SmartAsset can help you find the right advisor for you with our free financial advisor matching service.

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Stocks Stocks may be the most well-known and simple type of investment. Many of the biggest companies in the country — think General Motors, Apple and Facebook — are publicly traded, meaning you can buy stock in them.

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Brokers sell stocks to investors. You can either opt for an online brokerage firm or work face-to-face with a broker. Generally, this is a business or a government entity.

Companies issue corporate bonds, whereas local governments issue municipal bonds.

Bond investments

The U. Treasury issues treasury bonds. The rate of return for bonds is typically much lower than it is for stocks, but bonds also tend to be lower risk. There is some risk involved, of course. The company you buy a bond from could fold, or the government could default.

Treasury bonds especially, however, are considered a very safe investment. Mutual funds can be actively managed or passively managed. Fund managers try to beat the market by choosing investments that will increase in value. Some mutual funds invest only in stocks, others only in bonds and some in a mixture of the two. Mutual funds carry many of the same risks as stocks and bonds, depending on what they are invested in. Exchange-Traded Funds Exchange-traded funds ETFs are similar to mutual funds in that they are a collection of investments that tracks a market index.

Unlike mutual funds, which are purchased through a fund company, ETFs are bought and sold on the stock markets. You can further minimize risk by choosing an ETF that tracks a broad index.

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Certificates of Deposit A certificate of deposit CD is a very low-risk investment. You give a bank a certain amount of money for a predetermined amount of time. When that time period is over, you get your principal back, plus a predetermined amount of interest.

The longer the loan period, the higher your interest rate.

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There are no major risks to CDs. Retirement Plans There are type of investment option number of types of retirement plans. Workplace retirement plans, sponsored by your employer, include k plans and b plans. The risks for the investments are the same as if you were buying the investments outside of a retirement plan.

Options An option is a somewhat more complicated way to buy a stock.

A Beginner's Guide to Asset Classes

There are two types of options: call optionsfor buying assets, and put optionsfor selling options. The risk of an option is that the stock will decrease in value.

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If the stock decreases from its initial price, you lose your money. Options are a highly advanced investing technique, and you must get approval to participate in the options market. Annuities Many people use annuities as part of their retirement savings plan.

Certificates of deposit CDs These different types of investments generally deliver a more stable rate of return. Knowing more about how to use them may help improve your financial future. The answers to a few simple investment questions can move you a long way toward understanding what you need and how your portfolio can help. Think about your investment portfolio and ask a financial professional these 5 questions: 1.

When you buy an annuity, you purchase a contract with an insurance company and, in return, you get periodic payments. The payments may begin right away or at a specified future date. They may last until death or only for a predetermined period of time.

They make a good supplement to retirement savings, rather than an integral source of funding. Cryptocurrencies Cryptocurrencies are a fairly new investment option.

Bitcoin is the most famous cryptocurrency, but there are countless others. You can buy and sell them on cryptocurrency exchanges.

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Some retailers will even let you make purchases with them. Cryptos often have wild fluctuations, making them a very risky investment.

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Commodities Commodities are physical products you can buy. They could be agricultural products like wheat, barley and corn, or energy products like oil, coal or solar power.

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Precious metals like gold and silver are dividend options of the most common commodities. Commodities investing runs the risk that the price of the product will go down quickly.

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For instance, political actions can greatly change the value of something like oil, while weather can impact the value of agricultural products.

The Bottom Line There are a lot of types of investment to choose from. Some are perfect type of investment option beginners, while others require more experience. Each type of investment offers a different level of risk and reward. Investors should consider each type of investment before determining an asset allocation that aligns with their goals.

Investing Tips A financial advisor helps you put together an investing plan that will utilize a number of the above types of investments.

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We fully vet our advisors, and they are free of disclosures. Before deciding how you want to proceed, you can talk to each of your advisor matches. If your investments pay off, you may owe type of investment option capital gains tax.

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