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It started with the efforts of the private sector more than a decade ago and is still present even with the limited agricultural production. The local market is quite developed in comparison to neighboring countries, depending mainly on imports. Few studies were addressed to organic consumption in Lebanon, were none of them dealt with organic consumers analysis.

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Therefore, our objectives were to identify the danila popov options trading of Lebanese organic consumer and non organic consumer and to propose appropriate marketing strategies for each segment of consumer with the final aim of developing the Lebanese organic market.

A survey, based on the use of closed-ended questionnaire, was addressed to consumers in the capital, Beirut, from the end of February till the end of March Data underwent descriptive analyses, principal component analyses PCA and cluster analyses k-means method through the statistical software SPSS.

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Four cluster were obtained based on psychographic characteristics and willingness to pay WTP for the principal organic products purchased.

This study showed a positive attitude among Lebanese consumer towards organic food, where egoistic motives are prevailing over altruistic motives.

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High prices of organic commodities and low trust in organic farming, remain a constraint to levitating organic consumption. The combined efforts of the public and the private sector are required to spread the knowledge about positive environmental payback of organic agriculture and for the promotion of locally produced organic goods.

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However, such variables have been found to be poor predictors of industrial buying behavior. To improve the effectiveness and power of existing approaches to industrial.

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