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There is a big misconception out there that watches depreciate and all luxuries are liabilities.

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Today, I want to teach you the three key elements that allow my students to make great money on their watch trades. Your best clients are not other watch enthusiasts, but rather normal people who will want a great deal on their dream watch. To us watch people, everything comes down to the bottom dollar and resale.

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To the average person, its about saving money on their watch, not getting bottom cost. Buy less than perfect watches and make them perfect.

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No one likes to buy incomplete watches, or damaged watches. This is why people pay a premium for great mint condition watches and also the reason why incomplete watches sit longer and bring in less of a premium.

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This creates an opportunity for you to identify such watches, buy them much cheaper, polish them and replace any needed parts like bands or screws options speculation to resell for a premium. Damaged or poor condition watches allow you the opportunity to get a better margin if you can repair for fractional costs.

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Buy from people, not jewelers. While thousands of incredible deals can be found all over the internet, the best ones come from people who often are selling their main watches.

These individuals typically have much less attachment to the money and are more interested to buy their next watch.

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Since their lack of funds is usually requiring them to sell one to buy another, their willingness to sell cheaper increases significantly and opens an opportunity for you, the buyer, to flip their loss. These are simply 3 of the s of strategies I teach in order to create some incredible side income working 1 to 2 hours a day from your home or cellphone. A great opportunity to make some extra cash while enjoying the luxury lifestyle and allowing your hobby of wearing watches to open doors everywhere.

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