Illegal money making on the Internet, 2. Rob a bank.

Pyramid schemes are a form of illegal money collection - Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority

This content is usually embedded from a secondary website.

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When you push the play button on the website, that website requests the file from the second website. The video content actually exists on that second website, hosted on a serverthat you never see.

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The server then streams the file back to your computer, bypassing the first website. The appropriate software decodes and plays the video on your computer.

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This is an easy-to-understand explanation for how these streaming websites actually function. And, now that you know how they work—is it legal? Are you looking for job opportunities? Tell us your goals and we'll match you with the right jobs to get there. According to copyright laws, if you were to download even part of a file, it would be called pseudo-streaming.

That means you downloaded a copy of copyrighted material, which is illegal. And if you were to stream content that is shown to a large number of people outside the normal family circle, it also constitutes a copyright violation.

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But, if you were uploading or posting unlicensed streamed content, you would be conducting an illegal activity. The streaming websites try to avoid legal trouble by not hosting their own content.

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They instead act as a search engine for links to streamed content, usually embedded from a secondary site, like we mentioned before. In this case, in order to determine accountability, you must refer to the inducement rule. The inducement rule is a test created in a Supreme Court ruling. It states that a company or website can only be held accountable for distributing unlicensed content if it clearly encourages users to infringe a copyright.

Basically, the streaming sites are providing an avenue for accessing the illegal, copyrighted material.

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The secondary sites are where the content actually exists, and they absolutely violate copyright law. So, the sites get shut down, rather than the owners being arrested.

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To sum this section up: The user you is off the hook. The government is worried about the streaming sites and secondary sites, not you. Even if they passed a law tomorrow stating that users accessing unlicensed streamed content were conducting an illegal activity and violating copyright laws, there would be far too many users out there to round up.

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They focus on tackling the streaming and secondary sites instead. The secondary sites are absolutely conducting illegal activity by uploading unlicensed streamed content.

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The owners of these sites are almost never found, so the sites end illegal money making on the Internet being taken down rather than anyone being physically arrested. Although if they did manage to figure out who the owners and operators were, they would attempt to arrest them.

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So, while these streaming sites are still operating, are they making any mula? They make their revenue from two types of ads.

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Website Ads Video Ads streamed during the course of the film The website ads are either already visible on the actual webpages, or they pop up in separate tabs when you click on certain features of the website that activate them. This is not including the cost of purchasing the servers. Make money online legally cost of purchasing the servers would be a one time cost, keeping in mind a time frame of years for asset depreciation.

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