Looking for an investor in internet projects. Top 10 Best Online Platforms to Find an Investor for Your Startup Part 1 Hardware (Updated 2020)

This especially is true for hardware startups that have a harder time getting investors interested in their products. Some founders think that the only way to get investors on board is if an accelerator or an incubator successfully selected them. As someone being around startups and getting this question almost on a daily basis, I decided to enumerate in here the best places where you could get the opportunity to find your next investment for your business and jump to the next level of your startup.

OurCrowd Want to read this story later? Save it in Journal. OurCrowd is an equity crowdfunding platform investing in global startups. They have a community of over 30, investors worldwide. For startups, they share a 5-step process. Startups will be screened in step one before meeting with OurCrowd in step two. Step three involves due diligence meetings with the investment teams. Afterward, your startup will be presented to the investment committee where they will make their final decision in step four.

Once looking for an investor in internet projects, your startup will move on to step five tokens price the fundraising stage.

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At this stage, you will have access looking for an investor in internet projects investors and you will be able to participate in events. FundersClub FundersClub claims to give startups an unfair advantage by using innovative software and their powerful, global network of 22, members.

Startups get access to a founder community where they can communicate with other entrepreneurs and get help through online and in-person events. These members have been through every step of the startup cycle from launch to exit. FundersClub receives a percentage of the profits of the investment. They are only charged if there is a positive outcome for the campaign. They are looking for startups with early-stage companies with seed or Series A round being preferred. They want to see if your startup has the potential for enormous growth.

Startups are only charged with successful campaigns. SeedInvest will eat the upfront costs if campaigns are unsuccessful.

looking for an investor in internet projects

Other fees include placement fees and equity fees. Again, these are only charged for successful campaigns. Startups need to meet the minimum requirements before moving forward. Startups need to have a minimum viable product MVPproof of concept and at least two full-time team members.

They also have a strong preference for technology and consumer-based businesses. So, if your hardware startup meets that criteria, SeedInvest is a great opportunity. Equity Crowdfunding by Indiegogo Built by the popular crowdfunding platform Indigogo, Equity Crowdfunding by Indiegogo is made to help startups raise funding for their businesses, not just individual products. Startups get the option of raising capital through flexible or fixed funding goals.

Flexible funding lets startups keep all money that was raised, and fixed funding requires the goal to be met before startups get the money.

Indiegogo offers additional services for entrepreneurs, so they can be your one-stop shop. Explore their directory for creative services, marketing services, prototyping, retail distribution, and website development. Being built by a reputable company, this platform will pair great trading signals in binary options your hardware startup.

StartEngine StartEngine is an equity crowdfunding platform ready to help startups raise capital. With a creative team to help you design your campaign, you can attract investors from their community of ,00 people.

Startups set their own terms with their investors who can invest easily through credit cards, ACH, bank wires and cryptocurrency. For hardware startups to be accepted to StartEngine, startups need to be based in the US. StartEngine will also review startups based on revenue, team, customer engagement, previous funding, marketing budget, and market growth to see if your startup will have a fair chance in crowdfunding. StartEngine is a good choice for startups looking to crowdfund their raises.

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Wefunder Wefunder is another crowdfunding option for raising funds. With a detailed stats page for proof, Wefunder has been in the game for a long time and know how to get results. Only startups with successful campaigns are charged by Wefunder. Their fee is 7. With no startup fees, you have nothing to lose by trying Wefunder to raise your funds. GlassDollar GlassDollar focuses on matching your startup with investors.

They have their investors fill out criteria and match startups to them that meet that criteria. This makes sourcing and finding investors easy. You will only be matched with relevant investors and saving time and energy in the process. You get to approve which investors you would like to give your pitch and then move on from there. With this cool machine learning technology, finding investors have never been easier — or cooler.

Republic Republic is another great platform to crowdfund your startup funding. This makes it accessible to more people wanting to invest.

Top 10 Best Online Platforms to Find an Investor for Your Startup Part 1 Hardware (Updated 2020)

They will hook you up with great tools to create a branded campaign page that will accept all types of investments including ACH and wires. Only US-based companies that are accepted are able to raise money on this platform. AngelList One of the most popular platforms out there is AngelList.

AngelList offers startups opportunities to find seed fundings and angel investors. It also has a job board for people looking to find a job in a startup environment.

looking for an investor in internet projects

AngelList lets you build your own network on the site, through email invite or by connecting your social media accounts, to increase your chances of getting funding. Or you can use its search tool to find investors that will be a good match for your startup.

It is free to make an account with AngelList, so you have nothing to lose by using this platform to search for investors. Investor Hunt Sitting at number one for the best online platform to find an investor for your startup inwe have Investor Hunt. Investor Hunt gives you access to over 40, angel investors and venture capitalists. You can choose between three different plans.

looking for an investor in internet projects

It gives the opportunity to get access to an impressive database of about 41, funds including VC, strategics, family offices, and more, but also more thanangel investors. This platform offers affordable monthly subscriptions, in different plans, with a free one to at least check what the platform has to offer and how it works. It also does have an interesting concept: an investor CRM, where you can check and follow up with the progress of your investment research, using a pipeline.

looking for an investor in internet projects

Definitely another platform to try out if you want to raise money efficiently, especially with this CRM pipeline that will definitely help you save time and focus on other matters as we all know how raising funds can be really time-consuming. There is a more thorough article on medium on Foundersuite. Bonus 1: Crowdcreate Crowdcreate is a one-of-a-kind growth marketing service used by businesses to accelerate their investor funding and influencer sales.

What makes them different?

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In short, they connect companies with qualified investors that are regularly allocating capital. They take a 5 step process to get people in front of investors.

However, this opportunity comes at a cost that not everyone will be able to afford, especially for early startups, the starting point being USD a month to introduce you to investors per month. Find Your Investors I hope that the above options have given you ideas on where to go to fund your business goals.

looking for an investor in internet projects

Finding investors is hard, but knowing where to look is the first step. After seeing all your options, you can then work on making your chances of getting accepted greater. Let me know if you have any comments or questions about this list. And let me know if I missed any platforms that helps startups get the funding they need. How many claps does this article deserve? If you enjoyed this article, feel free to clap many times you know you want to!

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