How to make a lot of money with your mind, 7 Ways to Create Wealth by Only Using Your Mind

Millionaire Mindset: 5 Mind Tricks to Earn More Money - Wholesale Ted

Thomas A.

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For years I struggled with this painful scarcity in my head. Ultimately, I was evading taking accountability for my entrepreneurial success.

1. Money-making strategy: Drive for Uber or Lyft

I don't understand anything! I discovered that these are very commonly a subconscious state of mind. These excuses become the perfect way to justify society and the world around us, our failure to overcome the challenges in life.

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You just have a BAD idea! How long will you keep waiting to find the capital your startup idea needs? Be honest, are you making daily progress?

The idea is pretty simple. You first start off by creating wealthy thoughts and then move on to manifest those thoughts in your everyday actions.

Do you even have a business plan? A sales pitch? Over the years I developed a Ph.

No Money in Your Wallet, Doesn’t Mean “No Money in Your Head”

So, what's next? Give up? Game over?

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Self-awareness needed here! Feel uncomfortable?

  • Millionaire Mindset: 5 Mind Tricks to Earn More Money - Wholesale Ted
  • If you want to be wealthy, the first thing to do is train your subconscious mind to attract wealth.
  • Trading strategies of professional traders
  • Watch the video below: Do you want to learn how to learn how to build a successful, six-figure dropshipping store?

Move on! I have the perfect billion-dollar idea.

Hey my name's Alan nice to meet you!

I know this will be the next unicorn, I just need someone to introduce me to Elon Musk. No Money? No money needed to invent something.

Intellectual property and trade secrets can be very valuable. Patents, trademarks, copyrights, etc. Discipline is free!

The psychology of making money.

No money needed to create your personal brand. Educate yourself. Share your ideas with the world through social media. Write a book.

Well, it might sound impossible, but you can make that happen with an abundance mindset.

Create videos. Work your way into the thought leader space. Eventually, your name will be valuable.

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Excellence is free! No money needed to standout.

Trick #2: Millionaires Use Promotion Framing When Presented with Choices

What are you known for? Gold medals and lucrative endorsements helped build his wealth. Self-Education is free!

In a bind? Need some fast cash? Some are easier than others, but nearly all require very little to no capital.

No money needed to grow your expertise in one of the many present-day technological shifts. The power of self-education is all over the web.

Take action!

Coaching is free! Your life experiences can be very lucrative to many people who are willing to pay for it. Thinking is free!

No money needed to solve problems. The use of your knowledge is free!

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Knowledge is of more value than gold in the Digital Age. My friend, nothing ever happens without action. No action, no progress.

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No progress, no growth. Get started today.

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Stop blaming the chaotic world we live in, let me tell you a secret, it won't get any better anytime soon.

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