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Overview In this tutorial, we're going to focus on the standard open options available for files in Java.

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We'll explore the StandardOpenOption enum that implements the OpenOption interface and that defines these standard open option is options. In addition, this parameter will have a default value if not set, which can be different for each of these methods.

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The StandardOpenOption enum type defines the standard options and implements the OpenOption interface. However, it will throw an exception if the file already exists.

Third, we can create a file, append to a file, or write to a file by using the newOutputStream Path, OpenOption This method opens or creates a file for writing and returns an OutputStream.

The API will create a new file if we don't specify the open options, and the file does not exist. However, if the file exists, it will be truncated.

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Creating a SPARSE File We can tell the file system that the newly created file should be sparse files containing empty spaces that will not be written to disk. However, this option will be ignored if the file system does not support sparse files. These options require that data is written to the file synchronously in the storage.

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In other words, these will guarantee that the data is not lost in the event of a system crash. Deleting the File After Closing the Stream The StandardOpenOptions enum also offers a useful option that gives us the ability to destroy the file after closing the stream.

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This useful if we want to create a temporary file. As usual, the source code with all the examples in the tutorial can be binary options 60 seconds signals over on Github.

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