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Warmth. (Bleach/ Hanatarou, Rikichi)

So, Byakuya could just use that to trick Itachi.

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Byakuya has never dealt with genjutsu before we wouldn't know how too handle it, Itachi would put him in genjutsu for what seems like a week like he did to Kakashi and when he is on the floor collapsed from exhaustion, Itachi stabs him in the face.

And this is just one of many ways itachi would easily beat byakuya using genjutsu. Speed Blitzing allowed means he can just play with him with his speed.

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The reaction time of Byakuya is fast enough for him to block the move. He can just blitz Itachi here.

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If not then he lose to Byakuya because of the flashstep of Byakuya might overwhelm him. Bleach characters are торговля на рынке форекс валютой faster than Naruto characters, and Byakuya is one of the fastest characters in the Bleachverse, given his mastery of Shunpo.

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Only Yoruichi, Bankai Ichigo, Aizen, and Uliquiorra have been shown to be faster than he is, and that is by small margins. Senbonzakura makes this even worse, I cant imagine Itachi dodging thousands of blades at once.

So, I think it could still go either way in this fight.

But, I think Byakuya is still much stronger and faster than him. I am leaning more to byakya's side but I'd like to know your opinion!

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And please don't vote based on your love for the character!!

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