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Contrary to what you may secrets of trading options on forts been told, learning to trade like a professional dealing center trust management NOT require lengthy "training" or expensive, complicated software.

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In fact, all the information you need to successfully trade any market is in the charts. While many other trading methods actually obscure what the chart is telling you so you can be sold expensive trading courses and productsDecisionBar Trading Software lets the chart "speak to you" with clarity, and presents you with a "map of the market" to help you make intelligent trading decisions.

When you have the right tools and accurate information, combined with outstanding professional training and support, reaching your trading goals becomes easier - and faster - than you can imagine!

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Most other methods and software programs overwhelm you with countless indicators see chart below that give confusing and conflicting signals. This plays out well for training companies to get you to enroll in expensive, lengthy classes and courses.

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Are you trying to make intelligent trading decisions with a chart that looks something like this? With a bunch of different indicators giving conflicting signals at different times. As a DecisionBar trader you will also learn to "think" like a professional trader.

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The "wannabe" trader tries to predict the next market move. The successful trader has a plan of action no matter which way the market moves. The "wannabe" trader tries to pick tops and bottoms. The successful trader continually asks himself one question: "Am I on the right side of the market?

Isn’t it time to “Stop the Insanity?"

DecisionBar Trading Software is a trading tool that allows you to view the market of your choice with uncanny clarity. Now, let's be clear here.

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DecisionBar is not some mindless system where you just follow the signals and become rich. That would be nice, but the world doesn't work that way. DecisionBar is a "trading tool" used by traders across the globe who, at some point, decided to get serious about achieving the consistancy they had been searching for, and realized they were being victimized by a trading industry more concerned with their bottom line than your trading success.

Julius Mansa is a finance, operations, and business analysis professional with over 14 years of experience improving financial and operations processes at start-up, small, and medium-sized companies.

First things first. What is a "DecisionBar? A trade that's in-sync with the market. It is just as effective on daily and weekly charts as it is on intraday charts. DecisionBar also works on tick and volume charts as well as range and Renko charts. When using DecisionBars, the timing and direction of potential trades are pre-determined.

All that is left for you to do is evaluate the risk and determine if you wish to take the trade. The upper Green Pivot indicates current resistance, and the lower Red pivot indicates current support.


Support and resistance are continually adjusted as the market evolves. When looking at these charts, ask yourself where would you make your trades? How would you plan your trades? Do you see how DecisionBar adds clarity to the chart? With DecisionBar you are in control.

Access powerful trading tools without a brokerage account

These "Trade Secrets" will help supercharge your trading results. The secrets behind DecisionBar Trading Software. How to trade when you have a full-time job. How to make fewer trades better results.

The characteristics that make a successful trader. The secret to trading the first 40 minutes of the trading day.

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Determining the best trading style for you. The best way to trade trends is to get in early!

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We fully respect your privacy. By subscribing you will not receive any unsolicited email. When you get a signal at the Lower Pivot, like that Long Failure at "1," your initial profit goal is always the upper pivot, "2. You also have to know how to accurately draw trend lines, analyze risk, and predict when reversals will occur so you can get in on the start of the big moves and ride them for all they are worth.

Let's look at another chart. However, we see that previously broken support at Pivot Level 1 may provide resistance. I've drawn a yellow line there for reference.

Sure enough, the market stalls at Pivot Level 1. As the market evolves, new support and resistance levels are identified in real time, and signals are generated to always keep you on the right side of the market.

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Any software that does, is destined to be just a third rate imitation. Many traders get so caught up in complex trading strategies that they forget that a chart is simply a graphic representation of two basic parameters, Price and Time. Fibonacci Bands, Keltner Channels, Stochastics, Bollinger Bands and most other technical indicators are all just different ways of looking at Price and Time.

It amazes me how so many investors and consultants can make something so simple and basic, so complicated.

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Watch a short video clip that shows the software in action First, turn up the sound on your computer. Then click on the link below to view the video.

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Note the direction of the signal. Confirm the signal with the Risk Oscillator. Long Signals are confirmed by a positive Risk Oscillator. Short Signals are confirmed by a negative Risk Oscillator.

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Consider entering the trade on a bar moving in the same direction as the trade. Confirm the entry by making sure the Risk Oscillator agrees with the trade in value and slope. For a long trade - the Risk Oscillator should be positive and rising.

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