The secret of how to make big money

10 Secrets to Making Money While You Sleep

Some say the difference maker is luck. They are probably right. But it goes deeper than that. There are two kinds of good luck. One kind of luck wins lotteries.

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That luck is too unpredictable, too undependable, and much too rare. I like the kind of luck that is predictable and can be structured so that it is an expected component of daily life.

10 Secrets to Making Money While You Sleep

This kind of luck I call support of Nature and it is a necessary ingredient to becoming successful and generating wealth. To understand how to gain this support, we first must be clear on what we have control over and what we do not.

We have control over our actions. We do not have control over the fruits of our actions. It is vital to understand this so we know where and how to put our attention, and where not to. Here is why it is relevant.

32 Proven Ways to Make Money Fast

Everyone wants money. Money, however, is a fruit of an action.

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There are lots of possible fruits of an action and money happens to be just one of them. Other fruits may be materiel, people, circumstances, opportunities, recognition, etc.

10 Secrets to Making Money While You Sleep

We have no control over what fruits or how much fruit comes from an action. We only have control over our action. With this in mind, it then makes sense to perform action that gets Nature to shower us with fruit. In other words, we have to perform action that attracts Nature as an ally. But it cuts both firm option. When we irritate Mother Nature, in other words when we violate her laws, we get punished.

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We will first get dull and then we get increasingly sick until hopefully we mend our ways. Monitoring the support we get from Nature is a wonderful way of gauging the correctness of our course of action.

Now here is the problem with focusing turbo binary options iq option money. When we focus on money, no matter how much the secret of how to make big money think we need it or want it, it is an empty focus. We are focusing on a fruit we have no control over.

the secret of how to make big money

In fact, focusing intently on money or any fruit is a retarding focus because it drains us of our power. If, however, we want the whole package, it is vastly more intelligent to focus on our activity exclusively.

If fruits of our action show up then we know we are on the right path. That is when we know our activity is in tune with Nature. If no support of Nature comes, we know we need to make a course correction.

the secret of how to make big money

Here is what impresses Nature — enthusiasm, love, giving, developing our unique gifts and qualities, doing stuff that promotes health, clarity, and creativity. Nature has endowed each of us with a marvelous array of talents. She is delighted when we use them and share them with others. And when we do she rejoices and supports our activity. The key to knowing if we are utilizing her gifts is when we love something deeply.

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Then an amazingly cool thing happens. When we love something, Nature rewards us with a deeper insight. We begin to appreciate subtler values of that which we love and because subtle is more powerful, we begin to see ways to harness that subtle.

The result is we do less and accomplish more.

the secret of how to make big money

And if we accomplish more, we make more money. Of course, there are some folks who have painted themselves in a corner due to bad choices and other violations of Natural Law.

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Those folks have obviously got to let the paint dry before they can venture forth with complete freedom. But what hastens the drying process is focusing on that which pleases Nature.

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Simply put, when we are doing things we love, we are true to ourselves and are in harmony with Nature. Nature will reward and encourage that direction with fruit. It is a win-win-win if there ever was one.

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