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How To Use Metatrader 4 For Trading Binary Options

The first version of this interface was released inand has since then been adopted by many famous brokers as their main trading interface. This article will approach the MetaTrader platform by critically analysing its features, and understanding how a software released more than 10 years ago is still a reference in the online trading market.

Product History The first MetaTrader platform was released in After several significant improvements and three years of hard work, MetaQuotes Software finally released MetaTrader 4. From onwards, a large number of online brokers adopted MT4 as either their binary options and metatrader trading platform or at least an alternative.

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Because of its flexible interface, many brokers developed MT4 plugins or add-ons to recreate a unique trading environment, backed by a state-of-the-art software architecture. As it will be seen later on, the success of the MT4 platform depends on a large variety of factors.

They include the access to a thrilling market of financial software developers, a fully customizable trading interface and advanced data analysis tools.

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The Navigator: Located right under the Market Watch tab, the Navigator allows users to browse their different accounts, data analysis indicators, expert advisors and scripts.

This will mainly be used by trading experts that have multiple accounts with different brokers.

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The Graph Area: Most of the action will take place in the fully customizable graph area. As its name indicates, this is where you will be able to check financial data and analyse trends. The screenshot above contains four graphs that are ideal to check for large macroeconomic trends. Yet some users will prefer to only use one graph and study it in depth with data analysis tools.

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The Tool Bar: Probably one of the most important parts of the interface to master, the Tool Binary options and metatrader includes a lot of useful features to format charts, add new windows, change the language or save the current trading environment. The Tool Box: Not to be mistaken with the Tool Bar at the top of the windowthe Tool Box is located at the bottom and will let you browse your current trades, exposure, history, mailbox, calendar, the famous MT4 market, as well as alerts and signals.

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By mastering these five building blocks, you will easily be able to start trading on MT4 and MT5. However, these two platforms have a lot more to offer; Graphs and Data Analysis Tools Many traders simply cannot work without MT4 and MT5 because of their advanced data visualisation features.

MetaTrader Features Guide

First of all, any graph can be expanded and reduced, and displayed as bar chart, candle sticks and line graphs. Successful investors also use the large variety of indicators proposed by the MetaTrader platforms.

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These indicators include Trends, Oscillators, Volumes, Bill Williams indicators invented by the legendary trader Bill Williams and many more. For those that prefer trading on a desktop computer, this trading interface is also available on a web version, accessible from the browser of any computer.

The automated trading software can also be modified.

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This is a very flexible tool that most coding traders will be able to appreciate. MetaTrader4 is not only a state of the art trading software, it is also the place where day to day investors, passionate traders and skilled designers meet. The MetaTrader market is a great way to buy or download freely Expert Advisor programs, custom indicators and analytical programs.

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Because a good trader uses good tools, this feature is definitely worth a look. The MetaTrader Community and Forum is a great way to learn more about trading, financial software development and much more.

By asking questions on this forum, you will meet a large number of investment experts that will be able to guide you to make fully informed exercise of options. This allows every user to copy the decisions of advanced and successful investors.

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Above all, following most signals is totally free, and as there is no best way to start trading than to learn from the best, trading signals have a lot to offer. Feel free to check out some of the brokers featured in the list included in this article to start trading right away with the MetaTrader4 software!

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