16 steps to financial independence

Checklist: How to gain financial independence from your parents

Here are five ways to become financially independent at a young age. Live within your means While credit cards and loans allow people to live a certain quality of life instantly, they can impact their financial stability in the near and long term.

Hence, the first step towards financial independence is to learn to live within your means. Prioritize saving and investing Usually, youngsters tend to spend first and invest whatever amount is left at the end of the month. Try to reverse this process.

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Invest first and spend whatever is left. This can also be achieved by instilling the habit of budgeting in your life. Also, start small but start early and invest in investment options that can offer your inflation beating returns. Keep an investment horizon of years.

Checklist: How to gain financial independence from your parents

You can start investing through SIPs to inculcate discipline. You can achieve financial freedom by staying financially disciplined over a long period.

Set aside an amount from your monthly salary towards investments.

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Increase your savings and investment rate, and invest in the right options If you are to become financially independent at a young age, you should necessarily increase your savings and investment rate.

Analyse your expenses and cut off the unnecessary ones. This will leave you with more money in hand which can be diverted towards your investments.

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The more you invest, the faster you become financially independent. You also need to invest in the right options.

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In fact, there is no example of someone becoming wealthy by parking their savings in a regular savings bank account. Stay away from borrowing If you have a loan to repay, then it makes it difficult or slower to achieve financial freedom.

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  • Checklist: How to gain financial independence from your parents
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Hence, you have to stay away from all kinds of loans, and if you already have any, then you have to close it soon. You have to be as self-sufficient as possible so that you are not required to avail any kind of loan.

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Create an emergency fund Life is unpredictable. Hence, financially preparing yourself for an emergency can help avoid any sudden jolts to your finances. Based on your average monthly expenses living costsensure that you have an emergency fund that can allow you to survive without income for at least six months.

Three steps to financial independence – Accessible Investor

This will protect your investments and keep you away from unwanted debt. Plan your taxes and have sufficient insurance cover Plan your taxes in advance and make sure your tax planning is aligned with your long-term financial goals.

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Look for avenues that serve the dual purpose of wealth creation and tax saving. Review your financial situation regularly Cultivate a habit of reviewing your finances once every six months. This includes tracking the performance of your mutual funds and your portfolio as a whole.

10 Steps to Financial Freedom

This will keep you in control and allow you to make changes like increasing the investment amount, redeeming certain investments, portfolio rebalancing etc with ease. Reviewing your financial situation will also help you keep your debt levels in check.

Invest in yourself Most importantly, invest in yourself and in activities or vocations that enrich you as a person. The first one likes to be financially disciplined and would 16 steps to financial independence to attain financial freedom at the earliest.

The second one is rather reckless in terms of handling their finances and would blow up their money on buying expensive items and taking extravagant vacations.

16 Steps to Speed Up Your Financial Independence Day

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