People and how they made money

people and how they made money

Have you ever heard the one about the billionaire who lives in a modest home?

15 outrageous ideas that made people ridiculously rich

Yes, I said, Warren Buffet. Not even close. I get that.

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Warren Buffett could buy any house in the world with cash! President Harry Truman once said, "Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers. To them, leadership books and biographies are much more important than the latest reality show or who got kicked off the island.

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When they have free time, they use it wisely—by reading. They understand delayed gratification. Everyday millionaires spend most of their lives sacrificing temporary pleasures for long-term people and how they made money.

China had 60 billionaires below the age of 40 this year, according to the latest Hurun Rich List released last week. Of them, 14 joined the billionaire club for the first time inas a tech-fuelled stock market surged and a spate of IPOs paved the way for wealth growth amid the coronavirus downturn. A decade ago inthe country counted just billionaires. China's entrepreneurs have done much better than expected.

They have no problem buying an older used car, living in a modest neighborhood and wearing inexpensive clothes. They realize that instant gratification is fun—but delayed gratification is so much better.

They stay away from debt. One of the biggest myths out there is that average millionaires see "debt as a tool.

Be confident about your retirement. Find an investing pro in your area today. Debt is the biggest obstacle to building wealth. I tell everyone.

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You need to avoid it like the plague. Your dreams are too important! They budget.

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Your budget is your plan. And then you keep following them.

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  4. Yet outside of popular literature, there were many real-life tycoons who amassed enormous wealth during the so-called Roaring 20s.

Average millionaires have made a habit of budgeting every month. They give. Sure, some rich people can be selfish jerks—just like anyone else. They work hard, save and respect the ability of others to do the same.

How the world’s richest billionaires made their money

They realize that the most important thing you can do with wealth is help others. Ready to Become an Everyday Millionaire?

By Barclay Palmer Updated Jan 30, Many people dream of becoming independently wealthy over the course of a lifetime. Wise investors stash away their bonuses while the less prudent invest their money in risky endeavors and get-rich-quick scams. Then there are those lucky few who make it look easy by turning pocket change into millions of dollars in no time at all.

Being successful with money is as simple as living a modest lifestyle that follows a few basic principles. Just ask Warren Buffett.

5 Self-Made Millionaires Reveal the Best Money Advice They've Ever Received

The majority live in normal, middle-class neighborhoods and drive modest cars. SinceChris has served at Ramsey Solutions, where he gives practical money advice on retirement, investing and building wealth. Learn More.

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