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Upon start of Pre-opening session order matching, all subsequent input of orders will be rejected. Upon start of closing auction session order matching, all subsequent input of orders will be rejected. If your order is not fully executed at market close on the day you place your order, the unfilled order quantity in whole or in part will be pending for execution again at your specified price on the next trade day and each following trade day until the order quantity is filled or until the expiry date.

About the company. The broker employs the most advanced trading systems and charges relatively small commissions. The company is in the top ten of the retail brokers with the biggest client base.

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Currently it has 13 thousand clients in Russia. Additionally, the broker offers a leverage of but it is available to those clients who comply with certain requirements for risk management. These requirements are described on the website.

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It nettrader trade the latest innovations and has user-friendly interface, so even newbies have no difficulty with using it. The broker also provides the QUIK trading system that is widely-used all over the world.

Digital services NetTrader Our online trading platform, NetTrader, offers you an array of investment options including Hong Kong stocks and China Connect securities trading and initial public offering subscription. Benefits of using NetTrader Simple registration and logon process Fast and secure trading platform Informative Research Reports Easy way to choose dividends from specific stocks Trade now How to set up my NetTrader account?

Powerful tools of QUIK ensure fast processing of information from stock exchanges. Besides, the platform shows the latest news from the leading news agencies.

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Charts depict the course of trading, and numerous graphical tools help traders carry out technical analysis. The commission for deposits via bank cards can be returned. This procedure is described on the website. Client support service The client support service operates from 10 a.

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Advantages: A wide choice of trading instruments Educational materials.

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