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There is no overhead in running with this option, so it can be useful for production systems where the OutOfMemoryError exception takes a long time to surface.

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You can also specify this option at runtime with the MBeans tab in the JConsole utility. The heap dump is in HPROF binary format, and so it can be analyzed using any tools that can import this format. For example, the option 8 tool can be used to do rudimentary analysis of the dump.

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For more information on the jhat tool, see The jhat Utility. Example D-1 shows the result of running out of memory with this flag set. Heap dump file created [ bytes in When the java. OutOfMemoryError exception is thrown, a heap dump file is created. The following examples demonstrate how this option can be used when launching a Java application named MyApp with the java launcher.

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In the example above, if a fatal error occurs, the pmap command is executed to display the address space of the current process. In the example above, the gcore command is executed to create the core image of the current process, and the debugger is started to attach to the process when an unexpected error is encountered.

In the example above, the gdb debugger is launched and attached to the current process when an unexpected error is encountered. In the above example, the userdump.

Note: Option 8 example assumes that the path to the userdump.

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Tip If you do not have the userdump. Watson debugger can be configured as the post-mortem debugger so that a crash dump is created when an unexpected error is encountered. In the case of Oracle Solaris and Linux operating systems, the output and prompt are sent to the application console standard input and standard output.

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In the case of Windows, a Windows message box pops up. Example D-2 shows a fatal error encountered on a Linux system.

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If the user enters y or yes, gdb will be launched assuming it is set in the PATH variable. On Oracle Solaris operating system the message is similar to the above except that the user is prompted to start the dbx debugger.

On Windows a message box is displayed. If the user clicks Yes, the VM will attempt to start the default debugger. This debugger is option 8 by a registry setting which is described in Collect Crash Dumps on Windows.

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If Microsoft Visual Studio is installed, the default debugger is typically configured to be msdev. If the debugger is launched, one of the initial steps in the debugger might be to select the thread and obtain its stack trace. As the process is waiting for a response it is possible to use other tools to obtain a crash dump or query the state of the process. On Oracle Solaris operating system, for example, a core dump can be obtained using the gcore utility.

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On Windows a Dr. Watson crash dump can be obtained using the userdump or windbg programs. In windbg, select the Attach to a Process menu option, which displays the list of processes and prompts for the PID.

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Once selected the. Figure D-1 is an example crash dump created in a file named crash. The -XX:OnError option is more suitable for production environments where a fixed sequence of commands or scripts are executed when a fatal error is encountered.

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