Inter rao option web. Russia's Inter RAO eyes EdF as strategic investor

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Bookmark the permalink. The first two turbines intended for subsidiaries of Russian oil major Rosneft will be assembled as early as in The new plant has an annual capacity of up to 20 gas turbines a year, which should satisfy the demand for high-efficiency generators for combined heat and power generators. Manufacturing 6FA turbines in Russia is a unique example of cooperation in the area of advanced electrical and power engineering technology.

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The 6FA turbine offers the benefits of high reliability, compact size, the capability to run on different types of fuel and operate in extreme climates, which makes 6FA inter rao option web for wide use for power generation, area heat supply, and industrial cogeneration. The joint venture partners have invested RUB 5 billion in building, equipping and developing the new production facility. We are proud to mark the new stage of our successful long-term partnership with Russia by opening a gas turbine manufacturing facility in Rybinsk.

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The new plant will also meet the growing demand for innovative equipment for electric utilities, as well as creating jobs and bolstering the prestige of the Russian engineering profession. It is especially important that the manufacture of 6FA turbines relies to a great extent on localized advanced power engineering technologies.

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A Working Group on localization comprising GE and UEC experts has been established and is working actively, and we are certain that our joint efforts will bring a great tangible result, and Russian components will meet the requirements and quality standards.

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