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Arsenal of Venice: World’s First Weapons Factory

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Also, they packaged it very good, so that it did not get damaged. However, when I received it, I tried to use it, and I discovered a problem with it.

Inat the outset of the Fourth Crusade, the city-state of Venice accepted a contract from Italian count Boniface of Montferrat to transport 4, knights, their horses, 9, squires and 20, foot soldiers to the Holy Land in several hundred ships and to supply and feed them for one year with the support of 50 of its own war galleys.

Being a used item, it was understandable that it failed to operate correctly. After considerable inspection, it turned out that someone tried to use it with the wrong gauge nails, and the old nails were stuck inside the nail feeder mechanism.

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It took some finessing and about an hour time, but I finally was able to remove the old nails. After loading the tool with new 16 gauge nails, it worked great. I considered buying one of the Chinese built nail guns at a cheaper price but in the end I decided to stick with a well know brand.

I am happy I did.

New Arsenal Update (Pizza Nail gun and more!)

Nailer was received and in better condition than expected, didn't have to do much to it. Checked hose fittings filled it with nails and off I went, it worked wonderful.

This gun easily handles the required finishing nails. Perfect for the job.

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This Porter Cable finish nailer is an older model but it still performs flawlessly. Because it is an older model it requires oiling, which is not much of a problem.

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