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Trading Companies

Meet the Trading Companies Pirates are a lawless bunch, but the potential chaos of the Sea of Thieves is largely kept in check by the Trading Companies. These organisations bring some much-needed balance to the seas.

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When a pirate wants to make some money and earn acclaim, taking jobs for the Trading Companies is the obvious sot trading Reputation and Rank Whenever you get paid by the Trading Companies, either because you accepted a voyage from them or sold them some loot, you also improve your reputation in their eyes.

Keep doing that and you'll go up in rank, unlocking better voyages and special cosmetic items! Although they have their own agendas to pursue, these Companies understand the realities of business and you can take voyages from any or all of them with no repercussions.

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They were famously founded by siblings and rivals DeMarco and Lesedi, sot trading of the Sea of Thieves comic series. Impress the Sea Dogs and you'll earn gold, special cosmetics and advancement along the path to Pirate Legend. They prize prowess most of all, tempered by respectful, sporting sot trading. Others just want to eat well!

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Those of The Hunter's Call, founded by the indomitable Merrick and his family, encourage all pirates to learn to fish, hunt and cook properly instead of just living off bananas. These folks are scattered around the Seaposts of the Sea of Thieves and will gladly pay for your fresh catch — the rarer, the better! They'll also pay well for impressive dishes, and have some unique rewards tucked away for the best hunters.

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The Gold Hoarders have been around for a long time and jealously guard the keys that open all the chests scattered around the Sea of Thieves, meaning that pirates must deal with them in order to claim any of the treasure within. The Gold Hoarders exploit this mercilessly and enjoy taking a cut of whatever you find, but they also reward those who regularly add to their coffers.

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Know them by the curses that turn their skin to gold, the price of handling so much treasure. The Order of Souls' representatives take an interest in the skulls of skeleton pirates, from which they can extract memories and the locations of treasure and artefacts.

Who knows what other secrets the pirates of yesteryear held? This has effectively established the Order of Souls as the bounty office of the Sea of Thieves, paying pirates to track down risen skeletons and relieve them of their heads.

Main article: Gold Hoarders The Gold Hoarders are a greedy gold-loving, bunch serving the Gold Hoarder and his interest of amassing great hoards of Gold. Their Treasure of choice is locked Treasure Chests and valuable Trinkets. Those seeking favour, Reputation and Promotions with the Gold Hoarders can work themselves up to Rank Gold Hoarder followers also gain access to the Royal Sovereign Set.

Work with this cabal of mystics sot trading you dare to take on the deadliest of the undead. The Merchant Alliance.

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