How to live without making money

how to live without making money

10 ways to make money just by living your best life — literally

An empty wallet Enjoy a full life with an empty wallet Pounds and pence are important to some but not vital for anyone. From skinny dipping to dustbin dining, there are many ways to live without paying for it. For the vast majority of us, however, the first thing that has to change before embarking on a cash-free life is our mental framework.

The time is over to stop supporting industrialisation,' he says, using the example of environmentalists who rail against BP but continue to buy products derived from oil. Below, the Moneyless Man shares some of his tips on living freestyle: Have a social life for free Go moneyless.

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Failing that, start a weekly skill-sharing group, with book-swaps and clothes-swaps. Party for free 'I think the key requirement is a sense of adventure. How to live without making money every aspect of life we're always weighing up comfort and adventure - we've gone too far into comfort,' says Boyle.

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In the summer, moneyless living is easier: you can go camping, go foraging, go out into the wild, into the forest, have campfires, make your own cider with nothing but fermented apples Get Richard Mabey's booklet Food for Free and eat from the hedgerows. Bring a guitar or a drum and sleep under the stars.


Skinny dip. Travel for free There are a few key points to remember when hitch-hiking. Obviously look respectable: people won't pick up someone who is dirty and smelly.

In some instances, its not FOMO but your busy schedule — like caring for family or being a full-time student — that stops you from taking on more work. But never fear: There's a way to make money without a big-time commitment. You can thank technology, which has made it possible for just about anyone to make cash without working many extra hours. But there are other secrets to earning side money: You can actually get paid for doing things you normally do, like shopping, eating out, watching videos, working out or even sleeping. Yup, you heard that right.

Location is the main thing: you can stand at a bad point for two hours, so position yourself where cars can pull in safely. Look friendly: have a good attitude; smile. Most people who pick up hitchers want a conversation - they're on a long journey; they're bored.

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Put on events for free Boyle staged two large events promoting the freegan way of life to mark the beginning and end of his year without money. I learned that when people feel inspired by something, they are more than happy to help out. I started off saying, "I don't want any payment for this, I'm doing it for the love". Contact the person and they can come round to show you how to fix your problem; you can then update your own skill base on the website.

Boyle says: 'You meet people in your local community, something that builds resilience, which is vital to face future challenges.

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There is no exchange, no credit system. Freeconomy living is perfect for sharing skills, tools, resources and knowledge. He thinks the way forward is to build low-impact dwellings such as Earthshipswhich are designed according to permaculture principles, using the waste of industrialised society. You can also get free labour if you tell people you want to build one.

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I'm a big believer in getting food out of bins and into bellies. The compost toilet is a symbol of sanity. For discretion, Boyle suggests growing comfrey besides toilets raised on stilts.

Comfrey is great for compost, too. Bathe for free Wood-burning showers or solar showers are an option. You can grow your own soapwort.

How to Live Without a Job – 12 Ways to Thrive

You can find a lake, river or sea. He thinks the same companies that sell face wash also sell moisturiser to make more money from us. Pharma companies make a lot of cash out of making us feel ugly and then selling us the products that make us feel good and attractive again.

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I'm a vegan, I eat completely organic food, complely fresh. I keep myself really happy and I don't get colds or the flu. Read more from Mark Boyle on Guardian.

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