Geographic option. Consider the tradeoffs before setting a data region policy

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Scripting syntax Tools that honor the Geographic Transformations environment will use the transformation methods when projecting data. Specify transformation methods that can be used to project data on the fly. You can create a list of transformation methods the application can use, including custom transformations those created using the Create Geographic Transformation tool geographic option system-supplied transformations those out of the box. When working with geographic transformations, if the direction is not indicated, geoprocessing tools will handle the directionality automatically. Usage notes You can include out-of-the-box transformation methods, those supplied by the application, those in the list, and custom transformation methods created using the Create Custom Geographic Transformation tool.

The appropriate GCS for a project can be determined by asking the Survey Section as it is determined by the setout of the survey control points. A new variable has been added for use in each project's.

Choose a geographic location for your data

Another line added to the project's. Update the. Copy the following two lines into PCF file which will add the variable that sets the proper GCS and the command to run the setgeo macro which ensures that it is set properly when a dgn is opened. NOTE: Remember to update any pcf file you may have copied into your personal workspace folder under Set up a batch process to update all DGN files.

Use the option within the Batch Process dialog to add files geographic option drag and drop from Windows File Explorer.

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Set the Initial Model dropdown to All Models. The program will process all models within the file once it is opened.

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Save the batch process before proceeding. Click the magnifying glass to the right of the Command File box.

Visualization: GeoChart

Click Process Batch Process Job to process the files. If the project's dgn file's units are in international Feet; a warning panel shown below may appear.

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Accept the default selection indicating that the elements are drawn correctly. Geographic Coordinate System At this point there are two choices, the Library option and the Search option. Each option is presented as tabs.

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Of the two choices, the Search option is easier. Click on the Find Now button to trigger the Search.

Geographic Transformations (Environment setting)

Geographic option OK to apply this selection. The following warning panel might appear.

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At the bottom is a section for Coordinate System Modifiers. Confirm that the Vertical Datum is correct or change if necessary. Click OK when finished.

Choose a geographic location for your data Supported editions for this feature: Enterprise; Enterprise for Education; G Suite Business. Your geographic location options are the United States or Europe. Users who don't have a supported edition aren't covered by data region policies—even if you apply a data region policy to their organizational unit.

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