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Determining The Cost Of An Acquisition

Determining The Cost Of An Acquisition | Accounting, Financial, Tax

Tweet The general principles of the purchase method under both pronouncements are similar to the general principles of accounting for acquisitions of assets and issuances of stock; The total cost of the acquisition is determined. Determining the cost of an acquisition and allocating the purchase price to assets acquired and liabilities assumed requires the application of specialized acquisition accounting concepts and procedures, which are discussed throughout this post.

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The general approach to determining the cost of a purchase acquisition follows three general principles for accounting for acquisitions of assets: Advertisement An asset acquired in exchange for cash or other assets is recorded at cost i. An asset acquired by incurring liabilities is recorded at cost i. An asset acquired by issuing shares of stock of the acquiring corporation is recorded at the fair value of the asset i.

Customer Acquisition Cost - How to Calculate it with an Example

In cases where stock has a quoted price, one would, in fact, look first to the value of the stock for valuing the stock issued and assets received. Stock Issued In Payment of Purchase Price Many acquisitions are paid for by exchanging cash or incurring liabilities for the net assets or stock of another company.

Alternatively, equity option acquisition costs of an acquiring company are often issued in exchange for the assets or stock of an acquired company.

Determining The Cost Of An Acquisition

The fair value of net assets acquired in exchange for stock that has determinable value is usually measured by the value of the stock at the date of acquisition.

However, market prices for a reasonable period of time before and after the date option acquisition costs acquisition is agreed to and announced should be considered in establishing the value to be assigned to the securities to avoid volatility of stock prices unduly affecting accounting for the acquisition.

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If restricted securities are issued, an appraisal of value by qualified professionals, such as investment bankers, may be necessary to establish value. If the fair value of stock is not option acquisition costs determinable, other indicators of value should be used, such as an estimate of the value of the assets received, including an estimate of goodwill.

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Emerging Issues Task Force EITF IssueDetermination of the Measurement Date for the Market Price of Securities Issued in a Purchase Business Combination, considered conflicting guidance in paragraphs 74 and 93 of Opinion 16 with respect to the valuation of securities that option acquisition costs issued as consideration in a purchase-method acquisition.

Paragraph 74 says: The market price for a reasonable period before and after the date the terms of the acquisition are agreed to and announced should be considered in determining the fair value of securities issued.

The Basics of Option Prices

The EITF indicated that the guidance of paragraph 74 should be used. Thus, the measurement date for the value of securities issued is not affected by the need for shareholder or regulatory approval. EITF also indicates that the measurement date for a hostile tender offer occurs when the proposed transaction is announced and enough shares have been tendered to make the offer binding. EITF also provides that a new measurement date for marketable equity securities occurs if a purchase price is changed.

Some preferred share issues are similar to debt securities, while others are similar to common shares, with many gradations in between. Fair value of nonvoting, nonconvertible preferred shares that lack characteristics of common shares may be determined by comparing specified dividend and redemption terms with those of comparable securities and by assessing market factors.

Acquisition cost and expenses related to transfer

Thus, the cost of issuing senior equity securities may be determined in practice on the same basis as for debt securities. The fixed costs of an internal acquisitions department or of the officers and employees who work on acquisitions should not be included in acquisition cost, because they are not incremental. Costs of registering and issuing equity securities are a reduction of the otherwise determinable fair value of the securities. Premium Or Discount Purchase accounting requires recognition of the time value of money in computing total acquisition cost as well as in determining the fair market values of assets acquired and liabilities assumed.

Premium or discount on a debt security that is issued or assumed should be imputed to adjust the liability to present value based on current market interest or yield rates if the stated interest or yield rates vary significantly from current market rates.

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Assigning fair value to individual assets and liabilities generally receivables or payables may require discounting to present value or assigning a premium allocation. After an acquisition, interest expense or income should be recorded by amortization of the premium or discount using the interest method.

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Assets Exchanged Assets given to a seller as consideration should be included in the total acquisition cost at fair value. Any deferred taxes related to assets given up should be removed from the balance sheet and accounted for as a reduction of the total acquisition cost. Contingent Consideration Consideration that is contingent on future earnings of an acquiree should be added to the acquisition cost when amounts are determinable beyond a reasonable doubt.

The Bottom Line Options are contracts that give option buyers the right to buy or sell a security at a predetermined price on or before a specified day. The price of an option, called the premiumis composed of a number of variables. Options traders need to be aware of these variables so they can make an informed decision about when to trade an option. When investors buy options, the biggest driver of outcomes is the price movement of the underlying security or stock. Call option buyers of stock options need the underlying stock price to rise, whereas put option buyers need the stock's price to fall.

Acquisition cost should be increased and the risk- free option strategies cost should be allocated to net assets acquired in accordance with the purchase method. This often results in an adjustment to long-term assets or goodwill.

  • Treatment of Options (FIN 44)
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The additional cost should be depreciated or amortized prospectively over the remaining useful lives of the assets to which the additional cost was assigned.

If stock has been given in consideration for an acquisition with a contingency requiring the issuance of additional shares or payment of cash dependent on future security prices, issuance of additional shares does not result in an adjustment of acquisition cost.

The recorded amount of shares previously issued is reduced by an amount equal to the fair value of the additional consideration cash, stock, or other paid upon resolution of the contingency. Interest and dividends paid to an escrow agent on contingently issuable debt or equity securities should not be accounted for as interest or dividends.

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Upon resolution of the contingency, if payment of the escrowed funds by the agent to the seller is required, the amounts should be recorded as additional acquisition costs if the contingency was based on earnings. If the contingency was based on security prices, the accounting is the same as for contingently issuable securities—the value of securities previously issued is reduced and there is no change to total acquisition cost.

In EITF IssueAccounting for Contingent Consideration Issued in a Purchase Business Combination, the EITF addressed accounting for contingent consideration based on earnings or a guaranteed value of securities that is embedded in a security or in a separate financial instrument which may trade in financial markets.

Securities transferred abroad Acquisition cost and expenses related to transfer All certified expenses in connection with the acquisition of securities are deemed to be the acquisition costs of securities. Upon transfer of securities, in addition to the acquisition cost, the certified expenses directly related to the sale or exchange of securities e. In each specific case such expenses must be considered individually, for the concept of expenses directly related to the transfer of property is not legally specified. Directly related expenses may be the expenses made for concluding a particular transaction where such expenses are inevitable.

The EITF determined that if the seller has the right to transfer the security or instrument and if it is publicly traded or indexed to a security that is publicly traded, the security or instrument should be recorded as part of the purchase price at fair value at the date of acquisition using the basis for determining value discussed in EITF [Section 6.

There is no later adjustment to the purchase price based on changes in value of the security or financial instrument.

If the security or instrument is not publicly traded or indexed to a security that is publicly traded the contingent considerationthe contingent consideration is not recorded at the acquisition date and when the contingency is resolved, the purchase price is adjusted.

EITF IssueAccounting for Contingency Arrangements Based on Security Prices in a Purchase Business Option acquisition costs, addresses situations where the acquirer agrees to pay cash or another form of consideration to the seller if securities issued as part of the purchase price do not have a specified value at a specified generating binary options date.

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If a below-market guarantee is given, the purchase price should be recorded based on the fair value of the consideration unconditionally given at the date of the acquisition. This does not result in a change in the purchase price. The value of the initial consideration given is reduced by the amount of the additional consideration.

If the unvested options have no intrinsic value if they are out-of-the-money on the acquisition date, no compensation charge is recorded going forward. Acquirers can avoid FIN 44 compensation charges by either vesting all of the unvested options immediately, or by canceling the options and issuing new acquirer options to the target at the current fair market value.

Some contingency arrangements that are based on security prices do not guarantee a minimum value of total consideration. The target value is the lowest amount at which additional consideration would not have to be issued.

Treatment of Options (FIN 44)

The amount of additional consideration is limited and, therefore, the total value of all consideration is not known at the acquisition date. In this instance, the purchase price should be recorded at an amount equal to the maximum number of shares that could be issued, multiplied by the fair value per share at the acquisition date if that amount is limited, but no greater than the target value.

Said another way, the purchase price should be recorded at an amount equal to the lower of either the target value or the maximum number of shares that could be issued, multiplied by the market price per share at the date of acquisition.

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