Financial independence formula

financial independence formula

I expect that he may have other interests by then.

The Financial Independence Formula

I was very impressed by how quick he grasped the concept of doing what you want with your time once you have enough to support yourself. Once You are Financially Independent You Can: Continue working to increase your lifestyle Quit financial independence formula job that makes you financial independence formula Start a business without the pressure of needing to succeed right away Spend more time with friends and family Spend time on a hobby you are passionate about Work to financially support or volunteer for your favorite cause You may even be able to do a number of these things, — or thousands of others — the possibilities are endless!

In one of make money really first posts here, How do you define winningI said I had a goal of being financially independent by The true beauty of reaching FI is you are free to do what you want, when you want.

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After spending time reading as much as I could about FI and updating my spreadsheets, I felt was a conservative estimate. Immediately after that article was posted, I received feedback asking how it would be possible for me to retire in my mids. Well, guess what?

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That assumption is false! Until relatively recently, I never thought retiring at 45 would be possible.

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If you have not thought about your spending plan in retirement yet, use your current spending amounts as a proxy and you can always make adjustments later. The hardest retirement expense to predict may be healthcare costs.

I have no clue what options will be available for private health insurance two years from now, never mind more than a decade.

FI Calculation Step Three

FI Calculation Step Two Reduce amount in step one by any guaranteed fixed income you can expect financial independence formula the future such as a pension or social security. I figure it will offset my likely underestimate for healthcare.

Secret Formula to Financial Independence

This is your required retirement savings for FI. The amount in step three is how much retirement savings you need to retire. Notice, that your income amount and your age are not needed for the calculation.

Who developed the FI formula? To the best of my knowledge, it was pioneered by William Bengen in a paper he first published in You would want to consider your specific situation to establish an asset allocation and draw down rate you are comfortable with.

FI Calculation Step Two

This way, your nest egg is extremely likely to last through your retirement. Two Strings of Financial Independence There are two strings you can pull to get closer to financial independence. Reduce Expenses — Cut out the excess spending in your budget and save the difference. You plan to stay there in retirement as well.

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This one decision, helps you twice! Cutting cable comes to mind as a smaller example where you can save now and need less later.

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When I came upon the realization, that with one action, I can save more and need less it was life changing. Almost everything you read on this site is designed to get you closer to FI. We will do this by discussing what you can do to pull each of the two strings of FI with a special focus on cutting expenses that could be a double whammy.

Serving others with your time, energy, and skills can be incredibly fulfilling. Instead of trapping you, this path creates more freedom and independence. Which brings us back to the financial independence number.

Because once you are financially independent, you are truly free from selling your time to support yourself. Even if you choose to continue to work, there will be nothing forcing you to. Additional Reading My goal with this site is to educate my readers as much as possible, even if that means sending you to other sites.

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The good news is there are many other articles with a different twist on the same subject. FireCalc and cFIREsim are a couple of cool calculators you can use to test if your portfolio will last through your retirement.

The Simple Formula That Can Help You Achieve Financial Independence

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