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Thankfully there are plenty of opportunities all over the world and in your hometown or city where you can work and help others at the same time. Being a giving, compassionate person is sometimes enough to land you a job that is morally fulfilling and pays the bills.

Here are some tips on how you can get to that point: 1 — Find a Charity Organization that Pays You Not all charities work with volunteers only. You can get a full-time pay helping homeless people, organizing fundraising events or even travelling to other countries in need of your knowledge and expertise.

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It might take some time, but as long as you have a good track record you should be able to land a job in a charity organization and enjoy the feeling of doing good while helping others.

There are businesses that give a lot of their money to charity, or invest a lot of money to have an eco friendly working environment.

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Recycling, using clean energy and offering some of the net income to charity are some of the signs of a business that aims to do some good for the world.

You can also strive to work with people that need your skills.

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Become a teacher in a school for people with special needs. Sometimes it can be as easy and necessary as offering your skills to people suffering from vision or hearing impairment.

You can also go abroad and teach your native language to children around the world.

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Many Asian countries look for native English speaking people to become teachers without demanding any other credentials. After all true morality and good has many facets. Helping the poor, educating the needy, offering your skills and helping others find the joy of helping others are all things you can give while also making a living.

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Create a daycare center that teaches children to love the environment. There are literally hundreds of ways to turn a mainstream business into a force of charity that helps others. If you need more tips and advice on how to live a lucrative lifestyle, while also being a helpful member of your help people and make money, you can always get in touch with a professional financial advisor like Dominique Brown.

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